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Past 72hr Jam Entry Sawblade Sparks & Blood / Various Explosion Particles 2016-03-17

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Past 72hr Jam Entry Sawblade Sparks & Blood / Various Explosion Particles 2016-03-17

For when your explosions and blood geisers aren't brutal enough

Various particles requested and created before the 72 hour contest to make sure it doesn't break any of the rules!

The particles intended for use are testable in the pre-compiled map included, and state their names upon pushing the corresponding buttons. The original vmf and two sawblade templates are also included. The particles in the pack are:

  • saw_fx.pcf
  • effects_saw_blood
  • effects_saw_phase1
  • effects_saw_phase1b
  • effects_saw_phase2
  • effects_saw_phase2b
  • effects_saw_phase3
  • effects_saw_phase3b
  • skybox_explosion_fx.pcf
  • effects_skybox_explosion
  • effects_skybox_explosion2
  • pressure_explosion_fx.pcf
  • effects_pressure_explosion_small
  • effects_pressure_explosion_small2
  • effects_pressure_explosion
  • effects_pressure_explosion2
  • effects_pressure_explosion_large
  • effects_pressure_explosion_large2

The sawblade effects include a new and non-crappy version of a bloody splatter effect for when someone runs into one of the saws that was originally made for use in my little map, rd_taurus. The blood actually spins on the edges of the saws and splatters around it with some bloody bits as well. The main bulk of the pack are spark particles that are intended for the saws trying to cut against something metal. The phases are intended for the sparks increasing in intensity with them first starting out fairly lite, then getting a bit more intense with 2, and finally being rather violent with 3. As the phases progress, there'll be more sparks and random bits that'll shoot out of them. The B options are the same as their corresponding numbered one, except without random sparks shooting out from all angles underneath where the saw is grinding against. These can be rotated with the saw as well as the blood effects.

The skybox explosions are based off of an actual oil refinery explosion, and have two options. The first has the initial puff of smoke being white, with the second having it all be black. The initial puff of smoke and spread lasts about 5 seconds before the incredible fireball that follows. This is intended to be used at a fair distance like I didn't do in the testing map for the end of rounds. It's meant to last roughly all of the 15 seconds. The width of the main portion of the particles are measured inside the map with the initial smoke growing to roughly 160 HUs in diameter, which is then all engulfed in flames before expanding outwards to about 512 HUs.

The pressure explosions are intended for just what they're named after, high pressure explosions included with buildup. All 6 are the exact same particle, but just scaled either -16x times (small), normal (default), and then scaled 16x (large). The default one is around 32 HUs in diameter with a height of about 256 HUs. The small one's dimensions are 2x16 with the large being 512x4096, which is obsenley big. The first ones have a spewage of steam that goes for exactly 2 seconds before erupting in flames before shrinking to a small everlasting flame. The second options are just the explosions which are triggered immediately. If the skybox multiplier is left at 16x, then the small will appear as the default one, and the default one will appear as the large one.

I hope you all enjoy these special effects, and if you have any questions, issues, death threats, or a request for a slight modification of one of these, don't be afraid to ask. Do immediately notify me if anything goes really wrong though!
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