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  1. zythe_

    Multi Stage hoodiehoo s1_a1

    [this map will have 3 stages! only stage 1 currently exists!] the tag line is not joking, there is a brush outside the map that prevents the map from failing to compile that ive textured with a coconut. this map was designed after goldrush hoodoo and a little bit of dustbowl, but mostly hoodoo...
  2. zythe_

    Multi Stage machestage1 a6

    I adopted this map from, who woulda guessed, @Paper_ Currently only stage 1 exists, but 2 more stages are planned.
  3. Jebehdebehhuh

    Sawpit Alpha 1

    A saw and some death pits, Duh. =This is my very first KotH map= Tell me what you think and suggest things you think should be added or removed from the map, have fun.
  4. Cindycomma

    Saw Blades not animating

    I was making a KotH map with a saw blade next to the capture point. When I compiled the map, the saw blade wasn't animating. I've been using the sawblade_moving prop and I'm almost certain that's the right prop. Anything I'm doing wrong?

    koth_sawood a1

    This is my first koth map (only did a jump map). Please give some feedback for this poor guy. Name changed from koth_pinewood to koth_sawood because i'm an idiot. (didn't know that was already used XD)
  6. FissionMetroid101

    72hr Sawblade Sparks & Blood / Various Explosion Particles 2016-03-17

    Various particles requested and created before the 72 hour contest to make sure it doesn't break any of the rules! The particles intended for use are testable in the pre-compiled map included, and state their names upon pushing the corresponding buttons. The original vmf and two sawblade...