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  1. Snailman™

    You put up good fight, little man. 1

    Sketch of Heavy after a rough run in with the enemy. Done in pen, triplus fineliner and copic ciao.
  2. Appa

    72hr 72 Hour Kunai doodle 2017-02-12

    doodles for the 72 hour event, this is a drawing i made in photoshop of the kunai, my favorite unlockable weapon. enjoy tf2mappers youre my fav community
  3. FissionMetroid101

    72hr Sawblade Sparks & Blood / Various Explosion Particles 2016-03-17

    Various particles requested and created before the 72 hour contest to make sure it doesn't break any of the rules! The particles intended for use are testable in the pre-compiled map included, and state their names upon pushing the corresponding buttons. The original vmf and two sawblade...