1. AsheMosterMashe

    Custom particles only load on some custom maps?

    I have two different maps, the first one (door_light_test_map) seems to load all my custom particles, consistently, without issue. But my second map (pickup_test2), (which is just the previous map with some junk removed and some textures swapped) will not load any of my particles and I don't...
  2. Boba

    GUMP Particles v1

    An assortment of particles I made for GUMP, perfect for frosty/arctic themed maps. Bubbles A tilable sheet of bubbles. bubbles_256_parent Ventilation frost Some frosty ventilation exhaust. icevent_parent Static flares Some wobbly, team-colored flares meant for static environments...
  3. Lacry

    [Guide] Particles 101

    This is a super short guide about particles I made for myself and I felt like sharing it here. Most of this has been taken from VDC, so go there for more information. Keep in mind this is super short, so I won't go in detail about the stuff i mention. Getting started To open the Particle Editor...
  4. Diva Dan

    Bonesaw Assets +VMF release

    This ZIP file contains every unique asset and file relevant to Bonesaw, including the .VMF file. This isn't a completely exhaustive list, as it doesn't include assets from non-bespoke asset packs. This only contains all content made specifically for Bonesaw. This is essentially the same ZIP...
  5. r0nii

    Carribean's cannon assets. (Edited cannons) v1

    EVERYTHING INSIDE THIS DOWNLOAD IS MINE EXPECT THE MODELS AND TEXTURES. THEY WERE JUST SLIGHTLY EDITED!!! ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD: In this addon I've created an cannon edit. I've added bones, animations and shortened the fuse to it. Also the texture...
  6. Cyberen

    Attemped to precache unknown particle system

    I'm working on my map, and it uses a custom particle effect. It works fine in-game but every time I load the map the console is flooded with the following: Attemped to precache unknown particle system "wormhole_purple_large_sparks"! Attemped to precache unknown particle system...
  7. roga4

    Hylic (Unusual Effect) ver. 1

    Credits: roga4( - it's me, i made this upload! Venterok( - he's a cool guy, he made most of the work with the particles! Well, there is not that much that you can do with that thingy.. However you can download...
  8. Exactol

    Fireplace particles v1

    Particle names: fireplace chimney_smoke See fireplace_fx.vmf for example usage Made for erk Chimney example map made by erk
  9. XEnderFaceX

    Swamp Particles

    Hey, How can I get the Particles for the Swamp Pack? The Download on the Top of the Page is only for the VMFs, And the one on the Bottom which includes the Content, is broken. Appreciate the Help
  10. Yrr

    Potential General-Purpose TF2 Particle Pack for Maps

    I've been learning to make particles lately and figured I could make a bunch of general purpose particles such as drips, splashing, blowing leaves, smoke and fire. Anyway, there's probably loads more useful particles I could make that I just haven't thought of, which is why I want you to...
  11. Khuntza

    Mirrored Maps Resource Pack 2.0

    Team Fortress 2 models, skyboxes and particles mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving assets we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It probably wont mess with your head but might be useful! Ever found the perfect prop for...
  12. megastorm

    mega_particlepack72 2018-07-30

    A pack of 9 particles made in 72 hours for the tf2 jam. Comes with alternate styles. Particle names: annoyingdust beammed chargeray chargerayalt energyorb feetburnermain plasmalight plasmalightalt powerbomb smokesnow skystreak unrealstar unrealstaralt
  13. Cincomma

    Can't find the light particle effect

    Hello everyone! I have yet another question, does anybody know what the dust particle effect is called? You know, the one that's used with lights in farms. I've searched the world-wide interwebs and came up with nothing
  14. Exactol

    Tesla Effects v1

    Tesla particles made for Jusa.
  15. ProfHappycat

    nuketown particles 2017-08-02

    a small pack of particles that are modified versions of doomsday's explosion particles includes: -nuketown_dooms_nuke_collumn - a version of dooms_nuke_collumn that has a lifetime of 11 seconds -nuketown_dooms_nuke_ring - a version of dooms_nuke_ring that has a lifetime of 11 seconds...
  16. Lampenpam

    I need someone to fix my particle effects.

    So I have two particle effects, that don't work as intended and need help by someone with experience to fix the issues as I have barely any knowledge about the particle editor at all. This are the two effects: The issues: 1: the orientation of the pentragram is...
  17. Lampenpam

    Custom particles won't show up.

    A friend made two custom particle effects for me but they won't show up in game and the console reports " Attempting to create unknown particle system 'pop_parent' But I'm pretty sure I didn't make a mistake setting them up. This is how my files in the tf folder look like This is how they look...
  18. ProfHappycat

    How do I instantly get rid of trailing particles?

    i can't seem to get rid of these particles that linger for 2-3 seconds after the finale of my map happens, anyone know how to get rid of them when the next round starts?
  19. ISPuddy

    Cinefx_Goldrush_Blue 2017-06-18

    the most used explosion particle in tf2 CINEFX_GOLDRUSH now it has blue color.
  20. Nonhuman.pcf

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Lucky 8 ( Unusual Effect ) 2017-02-12

    A simple circling 8-ball unusual effect, made for 72hr tf2jam 2017. ( The download doesn't really replace any existing effect, i uploaded the pcf and materials just because if anyone wants to check those. )