Boiling and Steaming Water 2016-02-02

Includes 256x256 and 512x512 effects for all your hot water needs!

  1. FissionMetroid101
    Requested particles for cp_sulfur! This small pack includes 4 total particles,
    • effects_water_boiling_256
    • effects_water_boiling_512
    • effects_water_steam_256
    • effects_water_steam_512
    Which spawn in flat squares in the scale of what the ending number is--the center of the info_particle_system is the center of the square and can be properly rotated. Both particles are to be place on the surface of the water for the best effect. The boiling effect has bubbles that rise from 144 HUs below its spawn point. These effects include a new smoke vmt in order to reduce lag when a player is close to them.


    1. 2016-02-02_00001.jpg
    2. 2016-02-02_00005.jpg
    3. 2016-02-02_00006.jpg