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Past 72hr Jam Entry Randomly Generated Maps 0.5

I made a program that creates maps. Here's its first attempts.

What's the best way to make maps as fast as possible? Make a program that makes the maps for you! For this 72hr jam, I'm making a random map generator in C++. I'll post all the source code at the end of the event, but until then, I'll be posting some of the maps it creates here.

Currently the results are a bit glitchy, but they seem to work fine gameplay-wise. Any feedback is appreciated!

Here's some screenshots of the first randomly generated map I'm posting to this site, ctf_pipegen!
pipegen_1.jpg Hammer top-downpipegen-2.jpg C++ outputpipegen-3.jpg Outdoorspipegen.jpg Pickupspipegen-5.jpg Indoorspipegen-7.jpg Underground Pipespipegen-9.jpg Pipes entrance
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Latest updates

  1. CTF and Mirror Maps

    Updating this thing again! In addition to updating the source code, the download now includes a dozen randomly generated CTF maps - all of which are stable and fairly balanced! Here's the deets: CTF is now up and running! There's still a few...
  2. Shiny New Arena Maps!

    The jam's over, but this project isn't! Probably, anyway. I've gone and fixed most of the bugs I didn't have time to iron out originally. This new version contains the updated source files, as well as a whopping 25 randomly generated arena maps...
  3. more arena maps

    MISSION ENDS IN 20 SECONDS added a bunch o' arena maps, because those seem to work quite well.

Latest reviews

its doing a better job than me
Oooo boy!
I found it very good but, how it work ?
This is just straight up amazing.
Wow, thats hard work, i think)
amazing never seen something like this before
Looks simply fantastic! I have never thought of anything like this before. Would love to try it out!