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  1. Hey Xolf

    Sewers a1a

    -Description: For this map, I went with the idea of the mercenaries having a fight in a big area of sewers, for now I haven't thought of a reason of why they're fighting in the sewers (for lore & gameplay). When you take a look at the map, you will notice that there's not much of deep water or...
  2. SoulzBerry

    Nocliped ARENA a1

    this is literally just like the KOTH version but with arena gamemode instead. find that here:
  3. Cindycomma

    ARENA Crosstalk

    Cindycomma submitted a new resource: Cindyiscold - brrr! Read more about this resource...
  4. Cindycomma

    Crosstalk RC1

    See the sights! Hear the sounds! Fight to the death and stain the snow with blood! Breathe in the asbestos! Perfect family vacation hotspot. Map by @Cindycomma Overlay by @Muddy Metal textures by the Frontline Team Skybox by @Void Mainframe computer model and arctic fox cutout by @Cindycomma
  5. staryoshi06

    arena_staryoshi06_mc22 a1

    Made for Microcontest 22: Solids! This map has 25 displacements, one water brush, 4 playerclips and 1 capture area trigger. The skybox is cordon, and thus doesn't count ;)
  6. zythe_

    zythe_mc22 b1

    tiny arena map for mc22, yeah...
  7. pont

    pont mc22 a1

    Microcontest 22: Solids is all about using as few brushes as possible. i took that personally. hold-the-flag arena. i couldnt get a bbox capzone working, brushless brush entities get stripped out by vbsp :( thanks squishy for helping out with some cordon material things. Legal shit, for...
  8. Will Alfred

    Medieval arena_willalfred_mc22_a1 a2

  9. Buic

    Fulldark A2

    For MC22
  10. Scary-Jello

    tdm_slug_pit b1

    Boxing ring map, mostly used for practice using different logic entities and making a custom gamemode, thought it was nice enough to upload. A player from both teams is randomly selected to enter the pit. When they die, they get replaced by another random player. Upon death the loser will drop...
  11. Sonoma

    Quarry Town a3

    This is a uniquely themed arena map set in a quarry made to look like Beta Ravenholm This is a collaboration with @Phe
  12. XEnderFaceX

    Paddock Final

    Paddock is an Arena Map set on an F1 Circuit. It's a Small Basic Arena Map without a Control Point. I'm not planning on continuing this Map. Enjoy! :) Worktime: 23h
  13. CF-TF2

    AztecArena 1

    This is the first TF2 map I have ever made! I made a few maps for CS:GO and one for HL2, but this was a new experience and I am glad to be part of this event! It was hard to learn how to make a TF2 map in the 72-hour time frame with university classes setting me back but I am delighted with how...
  14. *Turns into crocodile*

    Billdyn a2

    This is arena btw.
  15. SuperLuxDeluxe

    Jungle Jam a1

    idk 72hr 2cp arena map 2cp arena prefab by Idolon Screenshots:
  16. T

    arena_Bridgeyard72hr 2022-07-24

    A simple Arena Map made for the 72hr jam with fights resolving around a bridge
  17. Le Codex

    Perks A8

    A project I have wanted to try for quite some time, it's Arena Perks! Before each round of deathmatching over the central point, each team will have to choose one of 3 perks to gain, through voting. Simply step into the box of the perk you want to vote for to get a description and cast your...
  18. MegapiemanPHD

    Disturbia a1a

    Lumberyard Event style arena but in the suburbs Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD Pickup Truck, Station Wagon, Hearse, Trailer - FGD5 London Windows and Doors - Bakscratch Hedge - Zoey, Square Graveyard Assets - Diva Dan
  19. Tiftid

    arena_mysteriousvmf2 _test1

    A 3-stage Graveyard-like arena map with only 2 stages. It's fucked up in many ways, but I did rudimentary testing and determined it was playable, so I've given you the gift of getting to play it.
  20. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    Floodgate A3

    "Welcome to Floodgate! A defunct reservoir in Michigan is being fought over by 4 contenders and their hired mercenaries! Don't drink the water." My first finished TF2c map, the map is currently in alpha despite the lack of dev textures. This is an arena map that utilises valleys and chokes to...