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  1. F

    LightmapUtil v6

    A simple command line utility to tell you if your lightmaps are too high resolution (and maybe more soon?) Usage The program can be run with LightmapUtil.exe filename.bsp. This generates a filename-LightmapUtilLog.txt that provides you with details about lightmapping on that map file. If you...
  2. My Cup Of Tea

    JamTracker 1.1

    Originally made for the 2022 72hr jam, but i submitted it too late :( MADE ON WINDOWS 10 Track your kills of and deaths to the enemy gamers for each map you play during a session of TF2. Read the readme for instructions. Neat!
  3. My Cup Of Tea

    JamTracker 1.0

    Originally this was supposed to track all games you played in a session based off of the tf2 console. It did this by finding your name from the "x connected." line, but this turned out to be super inconsistent. I changed it to request your name through a dialog box, but now the first game works...
  4. Stiffy360

    RadShadowMan (forcetextureshadow) generator 2020-03-20

    This is a command-line program developed by Scott to generate a .rad file containing a "forcetextureshadow" entry for every prop currently in your map. This program can be executed by hammer on the top of your compile list every time you compile your map allowing you to freely add custom props...
  5. SimmyPoo

    Text to VMF Generator V1.0

    Install: Extract the files to wherever, really. Then launch the .exe to use. Current Features: Type text into a box, and turn it into a VMF Choose whether it's for TF2 or CS:GO Planned Features: Allow multiple lines More characters Numbers Punctuation Symbols Possible Features: Accents...
  6. Dadema

    TF2Maps Desktop Tool

    Over the last few days I have been working on a kind of tool for Windows, the TF2Maps Desktop Tool. This is a small program where you have useful links to the a few websites that are useful when you are mapping (like,, etc.) Here you can see a screenshot...
  7. The_Evil_Pickle

    TF2 Map Scrambler 1.0.1

    Last jam I made a program that tried to create good maps from scratch. This time, I've made a program that ruins perfectly good maps! Why? Because I can! And also because I just didn't have a lot of time to work with and made the first thing that jumped into my head. Introducing: The TF2 map...
  8. Hyperion

    PopFileHelper a1

    This program is meant to help you to build your missions faster by giving you option to import common structures like Wave{} or Squad{}. Installing: Unzip the packet wherever you want. Make sure the "PopFileHelper.exe" and "PopFileHelper Templates.txt" are always in the same folder. Controls...
  9. The_Evil_Pickle

    25 Randomly Generated Arena Maps a1

    Here's 25 arena maps made with my random map generator from the 72 hour jam. They should be functional and balanced, but I don't really have a good way to test them, so I'm putting them up for download instead. If you want screenshots, go to the link above. There's quite a few pictures of the...
  10. The_Evil_Pickle

    72hr Randomly Generated Maps 0.5

    What's the best way to make maps as fast as possible? Make a program that makes the maps for you! For this 72hr jam, I'm making a random map generator in C++. I'll post all the source code at the end of the event, but until then, I'll be posting some of the maps it creates here. Currently the...