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  1. SnickerPuffs

    SnickerPuffs MC24 a1

    Description and screenshots coming soon. Probably.
  2. Zacco

    Microcontest 24 Zacco a1

  3. P-4rio

    Deathtrap a1

  4. mrevildude

    ctf_western_warehouse_v2 v2

    An updated version of ctf_west_warehouse_v1 still keeps the "take Intel to enemy base" theme.
  5. Twan1

    Retropork 01

    A remake of my first map, ctf_oldham, now with sewers and a redesigned midpoint and intel rooms!
  6. Rbstat

    fd_prefab 2023-01-01

    A prefab for my custom gamemode Flag Defense (or FD for short) Inside this you should find all the map logic to make the gamemode work. Most importantly being: * A set of three intel briecases with which blu team caps. (theres also a briecase for red but it's disabled by default) * A point...
  7. Rbstat

    fd_grey 2023-01-01

    New Year... New Map!!! I started this map like last year at most. Mainly as a map designed to quickly show off my custom game mode Flag Defense (or FD for short) that I had come up with. As such this is all dev textures, Hence the name. The goal is simple! Grab the Enemy Intel and take it to...
  8. zythe_

    zythectf a4

    capture the flag
  9. P-4rio

    Metro a1

    Kinda based on the Map Metro from a shitty roblox game called Phantom Forces or some crap, idk.
  10. poltrageese

    ctf_drywater_a1 a1a

    Once a lush island Drywater, Named even before its draining, is now a highly contested gravel quarry.
  11. Aulli

    htf Townehouse b2b

    You didn't get any presents this year, so steal the presents from the tree and hoard them all to yourself! ..Come to think of it, this kind of thing is probably why you didn't get any in the first place... Made for the TFconnect minor contest...
  12. KaleEatsAToonOnNut

    ctf_lumbersteal a2

    A map about stealing the other teams "lumber" to heat your team through the winter. For a contest. :)
  13. Yrr

    Smissmas gift icon sprites 1

    icon_gift icon_gift_red icon_gift_blu icon_gift_arrow icon_gift_red_arrow icon_gift_blu_arrow Useful for marking capzones or gift flag spawns etc.
  14. True lemon

    Duo-Load A2b

    It plays like CTF. Feedback wanted.
  15. Gruppy

    ctf_candyforts a8

    A Christmas version of my ctf_graveshift map with a gingerbread / candy theme.
  16. Endermage77

    ctf_kemri a1

    The Black Pyramid hides a valuable cache of Australium. Go forth and grab it, then! Map Credits: Marble — DrSquishy Pickup Patches — Berry
  17. KaPPY

    Combining CTF and CP

    Hello! I want to make a template map from which I can pull elements to create an MvM-like game mode for multiplayer play using CTF and CP elements. So far I made one flag for one team with special delivery preset using Boojum Snark Ultimate Mapping Resource pack. So my question is, how would I...
  18. Seacat08

    cs_Office B3

    Rescue a hostage as Blu or defend as Red Radiator prop by iiboharz Snow covered prop pack and the Vehicle prop pack by KrazyZark Hatchback remastered by D.C.V.
  19. Aulli

    Trainbine a1

    I took turbine and remade it from scratch with some of doublecross' design aspects.
  20. Gruppy

    ctf_graveshift b4

    Medevial CTF set in a small graveyard