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  1. A-Cogs

    Damnable 2 a1a

    A remake of a map I never finished due to a few fundamental problems it had. Loosely based off of the Hoover Dam. This project was spurred on by the spring cleaning mapathon. Started a bit late, so here's hoping I make the deadline!
  2. pont

    Crasher a2

    halloween bigboys-type ctf in collaboration with yrrzy
  3. SuperLuxDeluxe

    luxdeluxe_mc21 mc21_a1

    Done for the Microcontest 21, the first of this new third season! Featuring: Active trains A layout I made up in my spare time at work A view of the enemy's intel room from your own (Engies can dance with eachother :) ) Doors that close when you grab the intel so it's easy to get in but hard to...
  4. KKBig

    ctf_KKBig_mc21_a1b A1b

    boom the other team yay!!!
  5. Aulli

    Aulli MC21 a1b

    Capture The Flag!!! ! for Microcontest 21
  6. Endermage77

    ctf_cathode a1a

    Red Demolition and the Builder's League are at it again, in the war of information! However, a small squad of engineers are going on strike mumbling something about "wages," so the mercs must make a detour through cyberspace if they want to have any hope of bypassing the 20-foot hallway...
  7. P-4rio

    ctf_jank a1a

  8. JackHunderwald

    Jedi Outcast: Warring Factions 1.0

    Go back in time to 2002's jedi Outcast and experience one of the multiplayer maps, now ported to Team Fortress 2! The map functions differently from usual gameplay, for example: -the flag really is a flag -you need to return your flag to be able to capture the enemy's -flags can be returned...
  9. Rhamkin

    Ctf_PumpkinSeed a6a

    Welcome to pumpkinseed a farm themed map where you steal the enemy intel 3 times to win (this map is a remake of the map i did for microcontest 18 Lockout
  10. Keizer Ei

    Rocky A1

    Rocky is my second CTF map (the first being my MC13 Mode Shifter map, Flintgun) with a relatively compact layout and also my first alpine themed map. I made this with the intent of it being an exercise in angled geometry and displacements, but it grew into a full map. Made with chin-style...
  11. allen the dumpster

    dtf_powertime v1b

    Powertime was an attempt at modifying an existing gamemode, and turning it into something new-ish. dtf_(destroy the flag)powertime_1 is the result of that. Something I can only describe as a strange mixture of Special Delivery, Mann vs. Machine, and Capture the Flag. The goal of dtf is fairly...
  12. pont

    Giants rc3

    Stay toasty amidst the permafrost in the waste heat of two giant supercomputers. Giants is a rotational-symmetry Capture the Flag map with an emphasis on intel pushes and a push-pull flow, avoiding the stalemates typical of the mode. Fight amidst basalt columns and fresh snow, then venture deep...
  13. zythe_

    frostlands b2

    snowy reskin of the classic tf2 map badlands, but now also ctf!!
  14. Joseph K

    ctf_mall a3

    Alpha 3 of Capture the Flag map
  15. Mess About

    hypothermia a12

    supposed to be my 72hr Winter Jam 2021 entry, but I underestimated the amount of time needed to finish it and missed the deadline (also didn't want to make a half-ass, just-get-it-done map either) so here we are, 10 days later. I tend to underscale map in fear of sniper sightlines, so this time...
  16. Pawlakov

    How to disable some CTF gamemode mechanics when using flags.

    I'm prototyping a hybrid gamemode based on CTF. My problem is that whenever any flags are present within the map all CTF features become enabled - some of them are desirable for me, and some aren't. Features I wish to keep enabled: flags (capturing in a designated zone, dropping on death or on...
  17. I

    ctf_mach2_72hr_2021_final RC1

    A ctf map inspired by the warehouse in meet the heavy and screenshots of ctf_mach4, hence the name. my profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/whomstdveliest/
  18. Food

    ctf_foods21map72hr a1

    My first upload to TF2maps and its a 72hr jam entry too. This is a ctf map with one intel and the koth timer. The team with the intel currently captured has their timer active so you have to defend it while the other team tries to steal it back. I had a lot of trouble trying to get this to...
  19. Burgarnils

    ctf_gavle b1

    My submission to the 72 hour jam.
  20. BombaSticked

    desalination_plant a1a