Rainride A3Afix

A 3CP map set in autumn somewhere in the grassy mountains with a lot of rain and a bunch of trains.

  1. Aapelikaeki
    Rainride is a 3cp map set in autumn with small bases and a little mine in the center.

    (Also this is my second map)

    • 4 trains run through the map
    • You can RIDE A TRAIN to all the way to the middle from your spawn
    • Both spawn have a flashing light inside the base and a ringing bell outside to indicate a train to drop down to
    • The other 2 rains run under the middle control point in the mine.
    • Lots of cool autumny stuff
    • RAIN
    • hey remember the riding trains part
    • oh cool those two are where the name comes from
    • also no it's rainride not trainrain I dont do dead inside jokes

    The incredible Autumnal content pack
    The many vehicles of the Vehicle prop pack
    https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tf2-emporium-vehicle-prop-pack.440/ 20180503171303_1.jpg 20180503171602_1.jpg 20180503171320_1.jpg 20180503171417_1.jpg 20180503171353_1.jpg 20180503171429_1.jpg 20180503171500_1.jpg