Apple B1

A deathmatch map in an apple juice factory for Open Fortress!

  1. Aapelikaeki
    Apple is a deathmatch map for Open Fortress. Fight in an abandoned apple juice factory where you can watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the comically large grinder! Discover the superspy base within the facility!

    Uses custom content from:
    -The Frontline! Pack
    -Dusk till Dawn skyboxes
    -Slasher assets

    Note that downloads for Open Fortress are temporarily down, however you can still play the game if you have it installed!

    Direct message me if you want the downloads to versions a1-a8 !

    dm_apple_b1_1.png dm_apple_b1_2.png dm_apple_b1_3.png dm_apple_b1_4.png dm_apple_b1_5.png dm_apple_b1_6.png
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