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  1. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Wet 'n' Wild Gameday!

    Banner made by the ever legendary Custard1! Summertime is well on it's way, and what a better way to escape the heat than with some more...wet maps! Join me as I take you across 10 maps that involve water in some semi-major way! Whether it's with water gameplay or just aesthetics, I got you...
  2. Kiglirs

    Medieval kiglirs_mc22 a1a

    My entry for MC22 Solids used: 167
  3. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Stormpeak a2a

    After months of on and off development, hopefully, it will have been worth the wait! A 4CP Payload map taking you up the edge of a stormy mountain, with the storm getting more fierce the higher you go! A re-imagining of my 72-Hour 2020 map Stormy Hill Custom assets used: Mossy rocks and...
  4. XEnderFaceX

    env_wind interfers with Particles

    Hey, I want to have an env_wind Entity in my Map to have swinging ropes, but I also want Rain within the Map, but when placing an env_wind, it blows away the rain into a weird direction, and i cant see any Flags in both Entitys which would stop the Wind from interfering. Is there a workaround...
  5. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Weather Report a2b

    The mercs fight through various seasons and weather for control over a weather station! This is a 3-stage KOTH map where the layout for each individual stage is mostly the same, the main differences being the season and weather, with some minor layout differences to go with each one to make...
  6. DoctorDoomtrain64

    koth, Stormy Hill (Open, Alpha)

    I originally made this map for the 2020 72-hour Jam. https://www.tf2maps.net/downloads/stormy-hill.10248/ The map is currently in alpha 3. It's one of my generally more well-liked maps so I think it has a lot of potential. I'm just done with the koth version specifically and plan on adapting...
  7. Farlonger

    Rain Plastic A1

    A king of the hill set in around plasticcraft. Layout, Plasticcraft Textures: Farlonger Modular Weather: Yrrzy
  8. MastahDizzy

    Suit under the Nightfall 2020-09-06

    "Under the night, a frenchman walks through the rain As the plight keeps fading throughout a world of gain." DeviantArt Post Twitter Post
  9. Silver Scrublord

    Crevasse Remastered Final

    General Information The original Crevasse was released around 3 - 4 years ago and never finished. It was one of my first attempts at creating a full TF2 map and it turned out undetailed and boring. Now I have something better, something that truly embodies what I wanted the original creation to...
  10. fattyeater

    Can I change func_precipitation on or off or change its values with inputs/outputs?

    Im using func_precipitation for rain, and I want an event to make the rain rain more. (And Im using func_precipitation because I like it and Im a noob making a stupid map) So is there a way to make an output change the density of the rain by either toggling it on and off or changing the rain...
  11. Goat

    Outpost 2019-11-19

    My first attempt at a TF2 map. This is an early version and I'm open to any criticism, please leave any suggestions if you can.
  12. Yrr

    Modular Weather Particles a2

    Rain, Snow, Ripples, Drips and Splashing, at various sizes Particles ending in "d" are circles, particles ending in "w" are boxes. A particle labelled "_128w" would have a width of 128 hammer units, where a particle labelled "_128d" would have a diameter of 128 hammer units. Download includes...
  13. zythe_

    Storm a1

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] It's raining i guess
  14. zythe_

    Rain Bridge a2

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] [Screenshots Outdated!] I tried to give this map a more sad and depressing atmosphere. And overall just... weter... You're fighting in an abandoned water cleaning facility with a bridge connecting to its main entrance.
  15. ForceFul

    Moist 2018-11-02

    A King of the Hill viaduct style map. Submit you ideas or bugs. Thank you.
  16. KrazyZark

    Lightning and Thunder Storm setup a1

    comes with lighting and thunder logic. the correct stormy lighting. intense rainy particles. and some flickering lights for the lightning. have fun using it :D
  17. JViktor

    Drainage B1

    The first map I ever finished. A CTF map set in a waste drainage facility. Be careful around the waste water, because it will damage you. Also use the pipe system to your advantage... when you fall on the water, get close to the sewer grates, because they act as teleporters that get you out of...
  18. Aapelikaeki

    Rainride A7fixedfixed

    Rainride is a 3cp map set in autumn with small bases and a little mine in the center. (Also this is my second map) FEATURES AND COOL STUFF 3 trains run through the map You can RIDE A TRAIN to all the way to the middle from your spawn Both spawn have a flashing light inside the base and a...
  19. Fewer

    Just trying to add Rain

    I'm fairly new to mapping and for my first map I'm making a little koth map in using Sawmill's art style. I've got almost everything in place, and I downloaded a decompiled sawmill to help myself out, check wood textures, get the necessary props, that sort of thing. I noticed sawmill is rainy...
  20. The ProfesSIR

    koth_stone_tower b4

    The Mercs find a old stone tower that has been converted into a lightning harnessing facility, and fight for control. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Key Features: Lightning will randomly(but frequently) strike the lightning rods scattered around the map. Two main ways to enter the tower...