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  1. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Shi a1b

    Push the Payload in this rainy urban city! Custom assets used: Rain with Collisions - Yrrzy Autumnal Signs - Berry
  2. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Bumblefumble a3

    Welcome to Bumblefumble Apiaries! An Autumn themed Payload map that I adopted from Kube, originally named pl_nectarine! Of course, this was Kube's map originally so all the credit for the original layout and concept goes to him Assets used: Autumnal pack - Berry sky_earlymorning_02 - Void
  3. Entity Report

    Precipitation A1B

    My first CP Attack/Defend Map!
  4. LaughableNineSeal44

    Minecraft Rainy 2020-05-18

    Koth_Minecraft_Rainy is here! Minecraft theme, l wanted to create Koth Map. Custom Assets: Krazy - Lightning and Thunder Storm Yrr - Modular Weather Particles
  5. 14bit

    Cable A3A

    Don't ride the gondolas in this 3CP A/D-KotH hybrid map made in under 72 hours for the 2018 TF2 Jam! Features: Gondolas! Height variation! Forward spawns! A KotH point as the final! Rain!
  6. Muenster Monster

    koth_closeup a2

    This is one of the first maps that I created. This is mostly something I used to get a better understanding of mapping as a whole. It's rainy, and in the middle the map dips down into a pool of water, where some health and ammo is. The point is situated on a bridge in the middle as well. This...
  7. Aapelikaeki

    Rainride A7fixedfixed

    Rainride is a 3cp map set in autumn with small bases and a little mine in the center. (Also this is my second map) FEATURES AND COOL STUFF 3 trains run through the map You can RIDE A TRAIN to all the way to the middle from your spawn Both spawn have a flashing light inside the base and a...
  8. Ewber Taxi

    koth_mudlands A4

    MUDLANDS, a koth map by Ewber. Stuff used: ABS Construct Pack Frozen's Base Entities Images:
  9. GalcticPotato Glitch

    ctf_flooded v 0.5

    After several days of rain, both BLU and RED bases were completely flooded, causing massive land damage. A few days after the flood, the maercs have to fight again. The map is capture the flag because it's my favorite gamemode, it's easy to make, and i feel it's the most apropiate to express my...
  10. Heili

    Rosewater [PL] A2

    Kong King's Art style + Payload. Never mind the downpour from hell, the tracks are still dry enough to push a bomb through the cheery hills of Rosewater city. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Designed with Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic inspiration. This is continuing...
  11. FRAЭR

    Rednobble a4

    Current version is A4 A2 Changelog : So Hello again , This is a big update (in my opinion) So firstly i changed theme (now Frontline!) of my map (Previous was like a Sawmill Rainy theme) How it was looking and how it is looking now: Before Now And some other images UPDATED ...