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  1. BiznesBear

    72hr Jam 2023 Lifepile CTF 1

    I don't know what can i write here
  2. scrly

    72hr Jam 2023 Foroglio A2A

    unoptimized but playable
  3. XEnderFaceX

    72hr Jam 2023 Fallen Leaves A1 72hr

    Fallen Leaves is an Attack/Defend Map set during Autumn ====================================== Basic Information: ============ Map type: Attack/Defend Control Points File name: cp_fallen_leaves_a1 Developer(s): XEnderFaceX Map Information: ============ Location: Wood Factory Setting...
  4. Kiglirs

    72hr Jam 2023 Iron Creek a2a

    This is my 2nd entry for a 72h jam. I think this time i got it better, and got a whole 24h to add simple detail. I wanted to try to make a new layout for my experimental ToW gamemode, with rotational symmetry instead of mirror
  5. Jacov

    CTF 2Fort Fall

    Jacov submitted a new resource: 2Fort Fall - Autumnal 2Fort reskin Read more about this resource...
  6. Jacov

    2Fort Fall rc2

    Good old Teufort, now with a little taste of autumn. Actually, the amount of autumn is ginormous. Features: ● Theme replacement: it's warm and harvestey now! ● Minor gameplay changes. New spin to the familliar map. ● Complete collision overhaul. No more getting stuck and stairs eating my...
  7. northh

    Autumnal Picnic 1.0

    It's the middle of August, so I think it's high tide we make some autumnal and cozy maps, don't you agree? Map is listed as autumn_map. I was bored one day and decided to make an autumn themed map over the span of 2 days as a way to brush up on my Hammer skills. Unsure if I will ever update...
  8. Kiglirs

    72hr Jam 2022 Redleaf Winds a2

    This is my 1st entry for a 72h jam. I had a lot of time where i was unavailable, so it could be better. But i'm happy with the result of the map within the times, i feel it's ok
  9. Aapelikaeki

    Chateau A1

    This map is a port of Chateau Guillard from Overwatch. Custom content used: Tumby's merasmus statue and The Frontline! pack
  10. TheFluffycart

    Cornucopia a3

    Cornucopia is a 2CP Defuse map based in an autumn environment/train station. The map uses Crikey mode as well as Defuse logic (check my profile for the prefab), to make a new gamemode that should hopefully be enjoyable (Please turn on sv_cheats 1, and sv_allow_pointservercommands always in...
  11. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Weather Report a2b

    The mercs fight through various seasons and weather for control over a weather station! This is a 3-stage KOTH map where the layout for each individual stage is mostly the same, the main differences being the season and weather, with some minor layout differences to go with each one to make...
  12. Alex.bsp

    Upcoming Autumn Gameday! - Nov 14, 2021

    Autumn Gameday! Say you know what would be a great way to start off the begin of the season? That's right, some fun autumn theme maps made by your fellow mappers here at TF2Maps! I will be personally hosting both on EU and US to give everyone a chance to come by and enjoy these beautifully...
  13. Aapelikaeki

    Apple (duel edit) A2

    This is a duel edit of my map dm_apple for Open Fortress! Apple is a duel map where you fight in a vibrant yet abandoned apple juice factory. Watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the...
  14. Aapelikaeki

    Apple B2A

    Apple is a deathmatch map for Open Fortress. Fight in an abandoned apple juice factory where you can watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the comically large grinder! Discover the superspy...
  15. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Bumblefumble a4a

    Welcome to Bumblefumble Apiaries! An Autumn themed Payload map that I adopted from Kube, originally named pl_nectarine! Of course, this was Kube's map originally so all the credit for the original layout and concept goes to him Assets used: Autumnal pack - Berry sky_bluevalley_02 - Cin...
  16. Aulli

    unforgivingstructure a2

  17. SunriseWatchWater

    Badlands Fall RC1

    - A 5CP Control Point map with an autumn theme. I'm made of anyone through this nice everywhere never word ago wonder hope with a map good luck. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Fall Oak Trees by Void Badlands Spire (Alpine) by biskuu Leaf Particles by Exactol Special Thanks: Original map...
  18. Fewer

    Autumn a1

    Welcome to koth_autumn (name change pending)! This map is set in a small semi-abandoned farm kinda dealio, with tall cliffs on each side. This is my first map, so it may not be great and suffers heavily from viaduct syndrome, but I'm here to learn!
  19. Asd417

    Redrapids a24

    Map adopted from @Paper_ -Layout on Grid -New Theme -New Layout -New Everything as of a16
  20. Startacker!

    Multi Stage Carme S1A2

    Currently only Stage 1. Credits Autumn Content Pack - Berry OwO Pack - Berry