Railroad Tracks 1.3

Set of modular railroad track models

  1. Gadget
    • 32 pieces, based on the track001 model from props_2fort
    • Each piece has 3 LODs, a collision model and a skybox version

    If you need additional pieces just let me know.

    Don't forget to turn off the collisions on the prop_static when using the skybox models.

    Made for the 72 Hour Summer Jam 2017 (had to re-upload, old download has been deleted)


    1. RailroadTracks_Poster.jpg
    2. RailroadTracks_Game01.jpg
    3. RailroadTracks_Game02.jpg
    4. RailroadTracks_Game03.jpg
    5. RailroadTracks_Game04.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. pennsyrail
    Version: 1.3
    My God! Finnaly, Big curved tracks!