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  1. Doomguy

    koth_crossing_b1 3

    This is my first map attempt with an objective and gameplay features. I will use this as a proof of concept. Feedback is welcomed as it helps me improve.
  2. clippy605

    Barren Infiltration a2a

    Throwing my hat into the ring and giving CTF a shot. Pretty happy with it so far, and I hope everyone else enjoys it too! Credits The Tiny Desk Engineer for his holo-globe Ismaciodismorphus for his de-Mercenary Park'd forklift r0nii for his open door boxcar pont for his train sized mine cart...
  3. clippy605

    CTF Barren Infiltration

    clippy605 submitted a new resource: Barren Infiltration - Red and Blu sharing a single rail-line in the middle of the desert. Read more about this resource...
  4. easports

    koth_concat a3a

    a koth map where you fight at mid 24/7.
  5. 14bit

    14bit MC25 a1

    Three floors! Trains! A big door in the floor! Outdoor spawns! It's got it all! Fulfills: Arena+ Thinking Inside the Box Trains All trains and path_tracks start inside the box, and are moved outside when a round begins Exclusion Zone Solids 199 solids exactly!
  6. Brokkhouse

    Rotunda (TF2C) c1

    TF2C Edition. See koth_rotunda for a description, credits, etc.
  7. Osac

    KotH Yield

    Osac submitted a new resource: Yield - A KotH map with a moving train! Read more about this resource...
  8. Osac

    Yield A2 Fix

    A train heist KotH map! Capture the point to start stealing the train, but beware that enemies can jump onboard, giving them a new route accross the map.
  9. BiiigSip

    Koth_Depot_tf2c 2

    A Simple Team Fortress 2 Classic version of Koth_Depot King of the hill map set in a train depot, This map was made in a little over 1 hour as part of a self imposed challenge for myself and i think it turned out really well, the point play surprising well with it changing hands very often in...
  10. BiiigSip

    Koth_Depot 2

    King of the hill map set in a train depot, This map was made in a little over 1 hour as part of a self imposed challenge for myself and i think it turned out really well, the point play surprising well with it changing hands very often in testing with a group of friends and bots the trains were...
  11. Brokkhouse

    Rotunda rc13a

    Hi! I present Rotunda, a King of the Hill map set in an abandoned steam engine workshop/secret intel facility in an undisclosed location in East Germany. This map is directly based on the experimental mapping technique developed by Kungfusquirrel for koth_roundhouse. It has been made with a very...
  12. Exee

    Railcross A1

    Hi y'all! I'm just getting into mapmaking and I threw this together in like, a couple of days- It's (I think) a relatively simple, small koth map set in a train station, the control point being on two railroad bridges layering over eachother. I'm actually quite proud of what I've done, but I'd...
  13. SuperLuxDeluxe

    luxdeluxe_mc21 mc21_a1

    Done for the Microcontest 21, the first of this new third season! Featuring: Active trains A layout I made up in my spare time at work A view of the enemy's intel room from your own (Engies can dance with eachother :) ) Doors that close when you grab the intel so it's easy to get in but hard to...
  14. nesman

    CP Baxter

    Baxter - Blu fights Red in their nuclear power plant! Originally based on baxter state park in Maine. It now takes place in a nuclear power plant similar to the Maine Yankee, Maine's nuclear power plant.
  15. Cincomma

    Cinderg a7

    A gravelpit/trainyard themed KotH map designed with interesting combinations of height variation and routing in mind.
  16. pont

    ctf_pont_mc14 a4

    originally made for microcontest 14. breakthroughs in the application of locomotive technology have led to even more efficient methods for lone scouts to run face-first into intel turtles.
  17. 14bit

    14bit MC14 A2

    Made for MC14: Trains Trains run every 20-30 seconds; it randomly picks from sending the Red train, the Blue train, or both at once. The layout is built with the main route weaving parallel with the train lines, and there's a ton of height variation between the two points. It's unlike anything...
  18. 14bit

    Microcontest 14: Trains

    Welcome to Microcontest 14: Trains ALL ABOARD! We've got a timetable to keep, and we're not stopping for anything. Today, your task is to make a map that includes a train hazard. Payload carts (even Lil' Chew Chew) do not count. Here's some templates to get you started if you'd rather not...
  19. Yoshark

    plr_traincartbomb b1a

    My april fools submission for 2021. A funky train yard where opposing teams fight each other and the map to get their payload cart to the end. (I'm also uploading all dev versions played during the af tests for sake of historical value)
  20. *Turns into crocodile*

    railgate a2

    Oh no! BLU accidentally set the train's path into RED's territory, and the RED team won't let the train pass. It's time for BLU to get the gate to open it manually by capping the point. But they'll have to be quick! We don't want the train to crash into the gate.