Distillery A5

Symmetrical 3-CP map

  1. Gadget
    Please provide feedback on:

    • Map layout, paths, areas, gameplay
    • Item pickups, ammo and health locations

    Don't bother commenting on the visuals, lighting, clipping or other optimization. This version is for testing of the layout, the art pass will be done later.


    1. cp_distillery_a50007.jpg
    2. cp_distillery_a50004.jpg
    3. cp_distillery_a50003.jpg
    4. cp_distillery_a50000.jpg
    5. cp_distillery_a50001.jpg
    6. cp_distillery_a50002.jpg
    7. cp_distillery_a50005.jpg
    8. cp_distillery_a50006.jpg
    9. cp_distillery_a50008.jpg