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  1. Hydro Eclipse

    CS Quarter (Stage 1) A3

    First Stage of a Multi-Stage Attack/Defend map taking place in Cargo Ship docks.
  2. AsG_Alligator

    Payload monorail tracks 2023-05-10

    A set of stylized monorail tracks for a space themed map. Requires a custom cart for best effect (like the one I made for arms race wink wink). All the pieces are made to the same shapes and dimentions as vanilla tracks so swapping them out should be relatively hassle-free. Tracks have little...
  3. nesman

    Tieless Tracks rc1

    Needed these myself so why not release them.
  4. Sonoma

    Model U-Turn cart track model

    Requesting a U-turn minecart track that's about 160 HU in size. I need to smooth this out so I'm not using 32 unit tracks lol
  5. BiiigSip

    koth Train Station 2020-09-06

    respawn rooms don't have the proper brushes to prevent enemys from going into your spawn, will be fixed in the next update
  6. AlexEatDonut

    Brush based Tracks V1.2

    Brush based PL tracks. Use in case of extremly niche track movement during alpha/early beta stages. I made those to help me make PL maps way back, I no longer need them but hopefully other people will find a use for it. Because they are brushes you can use the vertext tool should you need some...
  7. Gadget

    Railroad Tracks 1.4

    34 pieces, based on the track001 model from props_2fort Each piece has 3 LODs, a collision model and a skybox version 1 bumper model, 4 LODs, collision model and skybox version 1 variation of the urban_trainrails001 model from props_urban Don't forget to turn off the collisions on the...
  8. LadyRaee

    Additional Track curves! v1

    ABS's prefab has only 1 kind of 45° curves prefab and lacks 22.5° ones. I decided to make additional ones to complete collection. My prefabs are made in same manner as ABS's prefabs and come in both clockwise and counter-clockwise versions. Only red coloured version is included, making BLU is as...
  9. FishyUberMuffin

    Payload Track

    I am having trouble with payload tracks with ramps. Is there a payload track pack to help me?