72hr 2017

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  1. Gadget

    Railroad Tracks 1.4

    34 pieces, based on the track001 model from props_2fort Each piece has 3 LODs, a collision model and a skybox version 1 bumper model, 4 LODs, collision model and skybox version 1 variation of the urban_trainrails001 model from props_urban Don't forget to turn off the collisions on the...
  2. chadraptor 2

    koth_beefbox v1.0

    Here is my entry for the 72 hour summer jam.:) I never opened hammer until the contest started but I think I did a decent job on making a king of the hill map. If I end up updating the map later I'll add lighting.
  3. Red Robot

    koth_breakingpoint_a1 2017-08-08

    I followed the link in the thread but I think I still managed to put this in the wrong place :( Nearly hit my own breaking point putting this together. Was planned for 5cp, then scaled back to 3cp, then very rapidly to koth. Luckily I never got to the "detail map" or "arena" stage but it was...
  4. Moth

    Mercenaries 2017-08-07

    Mercenaries. Who knows? not me We never lost control You're face to face With the man who sold the world SFMs and models used as reference, no paint overs. Final layer count : 278
  5. Joel

    koth_jamtower a3

    My entry for the Summer 2017 72hr TF2Jam! Heavily inspired by a blob party stage from de Blob. Features: -Intense Verticality. -Dev textures (Hopefully temporary) Resources Used - Ultimate mapping resource pack
  6. Zeklyn

    "Plans" by Zeklyn 2017-08-07

    I have a bad habit of making very dark pictures.. Graymann Model: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=226541008&searchtext=graymann
  7. Dr. Maxxis

    "Hazy Days" Poster Collection

    Here it is! A complete set of absolute Shi- Shiny Posters!? I spent waaaaay too much Time on this.... Hoping that this lands showcase. Anyway, Here's a complete list of the posters in Class Order! All art was done by Me Iron Sights 5AM Hiatus Demonic Doodles Catch Up He's In...
  8. Shmashing Zilla

    Weird Al Heavy 2017-08-06

    Made this set awhile ago and wanted to make it for the 72hr Summer Jam.
  9. Mr. Snowman

    A drawing of a heavy on badwater 2017-08-07

    It's pretty much explains itself. It's a trace of an sfm picture I made also during the event: (last time I got asked what the original picture looked like, probably for copying reasons, so I'll just post it in advance.) I spent most of my time during the event on this (mostly because I'm not...
  10. Bluemario2

    One Trick Sign 2017-08-06

    A silly little sign that can be put on the wall as a joke plus a mat with footprints to place on the ground.
  11. Akuam

    UnMasked 2017-08-06

    Unmasked, Way to Dark, Far to much Bloom, whatever. Dark Koth King by Py-Bun : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=710943335
  12. L

    CP Dione A10

    Welcome, welcome to cit- I mean welcome to Dione, a distant moon in some solar system. As you can see, Red and Blu have sort of set up camp and are ready to fight for the lunar surface. Enjoy! Content used from others: Berry -...
  13. ξlijah✦

    The Pyromancer 2017-08-06

    My most heavily edited artwork I've done.
  14. ξlijah✦

    The Pyromancer 2017-08-06

    My most heavily edited artwork I've done.
  15. Dopy

    Moonkite ( The Summer 2017 72 Hour TF2 Jam!) 2017-08-05

    Created this poster for TF2 Summer Jam 2017! i hope you like it <3
  16. Viemärirotta

    72Vipers a6a

  17. TitanReck

    Heavy x Sandvich (A Terrible Fan-Fiction) 2017-08-05

    A story between Sandvich (Sandy) and Heavy
  18. Akuam

    Gang. 2017-08-05

    Gang, Summer 72Hr Jam 2017 Entry! Glad to be back after the Winter Jam, with a new art piece, Gang! Here are some credits!: Suited Demoman Model Made by SedimentarySocks: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=256577791 Enhanced Soldier V3 Model by Maxxy...
  19. DOCTOR

    RED Hood 2017-08-05

    An art i made today.. Had inspiration and felt loke making some calm stuff. total time making this is 1-2 hours PURE GMOD. NO POSTPROCCESING
  20. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    SIEGE_Crystalline a17

    Cap the point and push the Payload in this snowy (eventually) siege map. A game mode mimicking the same mode from Paladins. I loved the game so much, I thought i'd make a map out of it. Built up from a prefab made by Construction Zombie, because otherwise i'd be there forever working out how...