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  1. Diva Dan

    Bonesaw Assets +VMF release

    This ZIP file contains every unique asset and file relevant to Bonesaw, including the .VMF file. This isn't a completely exhaustive list, as it doesn't include assets from non-bespoke asset packs. This only contains all content made specifically for Bonesaw. This is essentially the same ZIP...
  2. Alox

    Reskinned Halloween/Manor Props pt2 (BLU Varients) V2

    Here a lil' halloween pack containing : - 17 reskinned props (a lot of blu varient) Hope you will like them! Check out part 1 : Please be sure to credits upon using those models in your map, thanks.
  3. Alox

    Reskinned Birthday/Smissmas Gifts Props V1

    Here a lil' pack containing : - 4 Gifts featuring 7 skins and 2 sizes Hope you will like them! Please be sure to credits upon using those models in your map, thanks.
  4. r0nii

    Carribean's cannon assets. (Edited cannons) v1

    EVERYTHING INSIDE THIS DOWNLOAD IS MINE EXPECT THE MODELS AND TEXTURES. THEY WERE JUST SLIGHTLY EDITED!!! ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD: Map named Carribean had cannons that sucked. I really liked the map so i decided to help the creator with those...
  5. ThatOneFwoosh

    TF2 item museum 0.1

    A TF2 app that features a two floored museum, secret areas, and a (coming soon) Loadout viewer!
  6. Fafnir

    Looking for someone to redesign a map for our trade server!

    Hello! My partner and I are looking for someone to commission, to essentially redesign a map for our new trade server. This would include added new textures and models and consolidating "removing the fluff" of the current map to make it more small. If you are interested please add me on either...
  7. Freyja

    Ivy Pack v1

    ~~~~~IVY PACK~~~~~ Version 1.0 by Freyja ~~~~~INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS~~~~~ Place the "Ivy_Pack_v1" folder in Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\ If you're installing an updated version, make sure to delete the old version's folder beforehand! ~~~~~ALTERNATE INSTALL...
  8. Adrian the penguin

    How do you pose models?

    I want to make my map look more lively. Problem is I don't know how to pose models in hammer. I want to pose a engineer sitting in a chair.
  9. TehSoldierPig

    Old Roblox / Low Poly Model Pack (FIXED VERSION) Release 1.5 Hotfix

    NOTES: -Please ignore "roblox_model_library.vmf" file, thats the corrupted/old one. -This model pack was broken in first place, so I fixed it this time hopefully. -If you got missing texture errors, you can fix it with downloading Startacker's Roblox Textures. -Tornado and cloud models are...
  10. KoShoMasu

    Christmas Lights cable files on hammer.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking if someone figure out where the Christmas Lights sprite is hide in the tf2 files ? I would like to export the texture to another source games... I know a post has been created 4 years ago, and I hope someone find the location after all this time... Here's the link...
  11. CyanideNoodles

    JOB looking for ported animal crossing models

    Hello! I am looking to pay someone to port some stuff into tf2 models for me. So I need some new leaf and animal crossing new horizon models for my halloween map. Models will be every new horizons tree and all the fall items and a few other items, including dlc . Will pay more if I add more...
  12. FGD5

    Diner Models V1

    Diner themed stuff made during the 2020 72hr Jam. Includes: Tables and chairs Dining booth Stools Fridge, oven and kitchen counter Diner doors Neon signs Hotdogs, Burgers and Milkshakes Napkin holder, salt shaker and sause bottle Tray with and without napkin Tile textures Comes in 5 different...
  13. Bakscratch

    bakscratch model collection v1

    A collection of models and materials for your use! Originally models that I made for Open Fortress, and issues with dx80 let me know.
  14. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Model Turn off the lights for some lamps

    For context, I am trying to change the theme of one official Valve map into an abandoned map. While changing textures and some models, I have noticed that some lamp models do not have the skin that turns off their lights. Basically, I need someone that could add a new skin for some lamp...
  15. Salvador_DS

    Completed Skytowers Model Pack 2020-07-23

    I'm continuing my tread of completed models. I'm mainly just doing this because I thought someone would have done something like this already to these very specific models, but apparently not. Anyway hope you enjoy the models! :]
  16. Diva Dan

    Dan's Laughter and Slaughter Assets v1

    Installation: -Place the contents of the "tf" folder into your own "tf" folder or in a "custom" folder of your choosing. Credits: Mann meat can: Diva Dan and Void Everything else: Diva Dan And of course, credit to valve for lots of asset bases! -Ferris wheel comes...
  17. Lo-fi Longcat

    Lo-fi Cutout 18/06/21

    Add me to your map and post a screenshot in this thread :)
  18. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Model A lonely map-maker needs two models retextured

    The request is very simple. I mostly need two Valve models to be retextured. The first one is models/props_lights/lamp001.mdl. I want this model to be covered with grayish metal or concrete texture. I don't want wooden material. The texture should be a little bit brighter than the lamp...
  19. Cuba

    Asteroid Blue side assets 2020-02-13

    Hey people, yesterday my friend asked me to make some blue side version of the assets found in rd_asteroid so I did. I hope some of you would find them interesting or helpful :) Includes: 20 Models 2 Wall Textures 1 Overlay 1 Demo Map ^the textures do not replace vanilla i just did that for...
  20. moonchaser26

    random prop pack 2019-12-01

    first attempts at modelling and learning implementation process they are not properly optimized and have a messy folder structure, so beware