Space Props 1.0

A collection of props to be used for Space-themed maps

  1. Gadget
    Some props that I have originally created for the "Bread Space" map. If Valve ever decides to make a Space-themed update I might add some more props to the collection.

    • Cryo Pod (5 LODs, 6 skins, collision models)
    • Resupply Locker (5 LODs, 3 skins, collision models)

    If you upload a (nearly) finished map using these props to the Steam Workshop make sure to add me as a contributor!


    1. SpaceProps_Poster01.jpg
    2. SpaceProps_Cryopod.jpg
    3. SpaceProps_ResupplyLocker.jpg
    4. SpaceProps_Game01.jpg
    5. SpaceProps_Game02.jpg

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  1. Krazyzark
    Version: 1.0