Security Fences (Expansion Pack)

Security Fences (Expansion Pack) 1.1

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Security Fences (Expansion Pack) 1.1

Various derived variations of Valve's own security fence models from props_gameplay

  • 26 modular fence section pieces (64-256 wide)
  • 1 small pole
  • 1 large pole with light attached (2 skins, light off and on, 3 LODs)
  • 3 gate variations with 3 LODs
Derived from (and compatible with) the security fence models made by Valve from props_gameplay.

Recommended grid size for alignment in Hammer: 4

Set "Disable Self-Shadowing with vertex lighting" to "Yes" when using prop_static for best lighting.

Let me know if you need another specific variation.

If you don't need that many variations there's also nesman's Security Fence Expansion Pack.
Credit is optional. Permission to modify required.
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Latest updates

  1. Added missing props_gameplay models subfolder

    Unfortunately, I just realized, when packing the zip file for version 1.0, I forgot to add the models subfolder "props_gameplay". If you've downloaded the package for version 1.0 and just unpacked it then all of the fence models are located in...