polarplant a17a

Symmetrical 5CP designed for a snowy environment

  1. oops

    The midpoint had no capture zone.
  2. Back from Hiatus; Transition to Beta

    Motivation has returned. Shoutout to Waugh101 for coordinating with me to get this map moved to beta. If the last bit of testing I do doesn't reveal any major map flaws, this will be the last alpha version.

    Geometry Changes

    -It snowed while I was away, so the lowground has been raised. The underpass areas beneath mid have been covered over with snow.
    -Removed the small health and ammo in front of the forward...
  3. Lobby Overhaul, Tightening the Play Area

    The philosophy behind this update was to tighten up the pathways between the points and make things less wide. To accomplish this, a rework of the lobby felt necessary. I expect this to be controversial, but hopefully it will prove to be beneficial.

    Generally speaking, I am not very happy with how the map looks from a detail perspective. I wish it looked better.

    Geometry Changes


    - The metal platforms have been reduced a little bit to make it easier to jump to as scout.
  4. Back to Work

    On break from school, time to get back into mapping.

    - Raised the side platforms to be a bit higher. This makes the highground a bit more valuable.
    - Lowered some side panels of the platforms to extend to the ground. Flankers will have more cover and won't be as easy to spot. Also helps sniper sightlines.
    - Reduced the size of the shutter door. Helps with sniper sightlines and makes holding mid a bit easier.
    - Lowered the arch to make bombing in between more difficult....
  5. Asymmetry

    Fixed an asymmetry. Also made a ramp on mid easier to approach from the side by raising snow.
  6. Healthpacks Too Stronk

    Roamers were able to survive forever by jumping between medium packs on mid and second, and midfights were lasting a bit too long for my tastes, so I've reduced the amount of health on those points.
    Also removed some weird geometry and fixed a missing texture.
  7. Healthpack and Choke Reworks

    Healthpacks on second/mid have been reworked:
    -There is now only one medium healthpack in lobby (that one has been shifted closer to the middle of lobby). The other one that was closer to river has been moved onto second.
    -The medium ammo on battlements has been removed.
    -The small pack by the forward spawn has been moved in front of the middle choke, and given a small ammo pack on the snow pile.
    -The small health and medium ammo pack on the left side (dev texture building) has been moved...
  8. Shifting the Fight

    Reworked geometry on 2nd to hopefully encourage defenders to hold closer to the middle instead of hugging the right side.
    This means that the packs in the right room has been moved closer to the defending side (to discourage pushing solely through the fastest route), putting the highground closer to the left side and removing the highground on the right side.
    Also, due to popular demand, last has received an inkling of thought in regards to lighting so it's not "fullbright". Might be too...
  9. Minor Brush Fixes

    Some geometry was sticking through a wall, and some other geometry was z-fighting.
  10. Redone Last Again, Smushed Stuff Together

    Last has been redone again in accordance with feedback from TestCo.
    The entrances into last's lobby have been squished together some so rotating does not take as long.
    Changed the small ammo pack to a medium ammo pack.
    Fixed some places that lacked playerclips, and added func_nobuilds to roofs.
    The black roofed perch now has less surface area and standing there leaves you vulnerable to splash damage at all spots.