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polarplant b1c

Symmetrical 5CP designed for a snowy environment

  1. Sirc
    It's the morning after a rough storm...

    Beta is finally here! Super special thanks to Waugh for providing an excellent art pass. It's been phenomenal working with such an accommodating and talented person! Note that this map is balanced first for competitive 6s and casual second. Please report any visual issues or balance issues in the discussions below, or DM me on Discord at Sirc#1058 (send a friend request, otherwise I can't get your message).

    This map uses the following custom resources:

    TF2Maps Construction Theme Pack
    TF2Maps Frontline Theme Pack
    Berry's Autumnal Pack 1.06
    "Vickery" Skybox by Nixon

    Custom arctic company logos by Reiid.

    Many thanks to all those fine folks for creating such awesome materials!

    Special thanks to TESTCO.TF for their continued support in 6s competitive playtesting.
    Are you RGL Intermediate or better? Join their Discord and be a map tester here: https://discord.gg/qRufTrn


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  1. Forgot Areaportals
  2. Degenerate Faces
  3. Forgot to Add Playerclipping

Recent Reviews

  1. Dwaggy
    Version: a14b
    I love the map a lot. I support it to go into rgl full force! :D