polarplant a17a

Symmetrical 5CP designed for a snowy environment

  1. Layout Keeps Changing

    It's 2am. I'm tired.
    In my opinion, the map received a downgrade in both visuals and function. But this version is supposed to help me gauge what functional ideas work and what doesn't so I'll refine them in the next version. Chances are before long I'll create this map on a fresh .vmf again because I'm starting to feel like the brushwork is getting unnecessarily cluttered from all the changes it's gone through. Anyways...

    Mid's shrunken down a bit to get rid of dead space.
    The platforms on mid got an extension. Also helps with sightlines.
    The right path from mid to 2nd has been overhauled. Not sure if it's better or worse, but I swear it's all in the name of progress.
    Second has been minorly overhauled. The forward spawn there has been moved up from beneath the point to the black roof building.
    There's a porch-like area from that right side of mid now.
    Some doors have closed, while others have opened. There's now a "river" over on the left side (looking from 2nd to last) that connects the points.
    Last has been redone again. No more flank room on the right side that leads into a building.
    There's crates on second and last now. I guess last has become the warehouse. Makes sense 'cause the exterior looks like one and the interior looks like one. Not sure how I managed that without consciously piecing that together.
    Some health and ammo packs have been redistributed.
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