pl_midwest a13

Autumnal Payload

  1. lucky 13

    -added new route to A to make it less of a grinder for blu
    -changed left exit of blu spawn for new A route
    -widened old A route
    -added hydro sigh for blu A shortcut cause even with lighting it up people still don't seem to notice it's there
    -changed around track before B to give blu more space for attacking
    -changed around back path of the curve to block sightlines and try to help blu with attacking
    -added a plank ramp route at C
    -removed all vents at last and replace it with a railed off...
  2. Attack 4

    -reworked last to try and make less bad
    -lightened up blu shortcut after A
    -minor detailing
    -changed around blu first spawn a tad
    -changed around stuff by C and removed that high up area with the vent from the last version
    -observer cams now unlock as the map progresses instead of all of them always being enabled
    -changed around the path behind the fence from A to B


    1. 20200107234628_1.jpg
    2. 20200107234645_1.jpg
  3. You've been doing a lot

    -changed some routes by B to give blu less high-ground there
    -changed blu shortcut door direction so it doesn't go through the wire above it
    -changed around C to try and give blu less op sniping spots and red more defendable areas
    -changed D quite a bit to try and get blu to group up more and have more options for dealing with sentries, while stopping red from being able to easily flank a blu push
    -added stairs down from the balcony by red's last spawn
    -D's changes also shortened the track...
  4. It is what it is

    -removed cart speed modifiers accidentally left on the cart path where the rollback zone by last used to be
    -moved one way door near B to now be used for Blu's shortcut after A, this should stop red team from using it
    -fully removed shortcut door at B area
    -filled in room that previously had one way door and added an exterior path around it
    -changed tunnel under B to connect to the building where the B shortcut door used to be
    -Tried to connect buildings before B better
    -Blu now shares it's...
  5. actually pretty sick

    -moved blu shortcut that opens after A
    -changed up area by where the cart goes down after A
    -Swapped Blu Final spawn room and red B spawn room
    -Added door to close after B is capped (may not matter now with spawn room change
    -opened up last
    -added more upper area for Blu at last
    -probably other things idk
    -removed first rollback zone by last


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  6. knife culture

    -changed area before B and between C and D to block sight lines
    -blocked sight lines
    -blocked more sight lines
    -did I mention the sight lines I blocked
    -blocked a few sight lines
    -sight lines are now blocked
    -you see that sight line, that one right there? NO! NO YOU DON'T CAUSE IT'S BLOCKED!!
    -blocked sight lines


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    4. 20191221011135_1.jpg
  7. More Stuff

    -Changed A to try and get red to hold a tad bit farther back
    -changed shortcut between blu spawn and B to be less out of the way and more useful
    -Moved path to upper balcony path from D to C so that it's more obvious and has a door that closes after D is capped, stopping red from having easy access to that area
    -moved lower left doorway from outside C to inside D to still give blu a flank into D while making it less of an all around flank for red pushing out


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  8. take the bomb and push it somewhere else

    -removed flank to a added in a5 as it only made things worse
    -closed in building flank between A and B by silos
    -added one way dropdown as well as sniper windows to the long building between blue spawn and B
    -made the open space before A smaller and moved around the geometry to try to create more cover
    -fixed odd clipping on extendo ramp between B and C
    -closed up some areas a D to make it less swiss cheesy
    -removed stairs to lower flank behind the pit at D and made it a one way drop down...
  9. less bad things, more good things

    -Changed skybox to haze_01 from the swamp pack
    -changed lighting to fit skybox better
    -Added one way path for blu to get to A in an attempt
    -fixed door not opening when B is capped
    -moved around health and ammo packs throughout map to try and have them in better locations
    -changed height dynamic in loading dock building by C
    -blocked ridiculous sniper sightlines from C to blu spawn
    -small amounts of detailing throughout map
    -added stairs to red drop down path at C
    -added new lower flank in...
  10. Logic is hard

    -moved around silos between A and B
    -too much detailing for an alpha map
    -fixed the cart being way too slow after B is capped
    -added new building for blu to use while attacking C
    -enlarged indoor routes around the map
    -gave the stairs up to the conveyor at C more space to breath
    -changed stairs to battlements between D and C to a jump route to try and slow down red getting to that area after C is capped
    -locked off door by the trade spawn (spawn that starts red then turns blu) so blu can't...