Oxidize rc18

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Map Change:
Fixed an issue with sniper spawns
No Mission Changes:
Map Change:
Sniper bots now spawn on top of the skybridge if players are pushed back.
Fixed bots using certain path.
Fixed clipping at the robot spawn to prevent trolling.
No Map changes
Mission changes:
Intermediate Mission:
Added bat scout support for all waves. Should not affect the difficulty in a meaningful way.
Shortened spawn timing for wave 3 and wave 4.
Increased the difficulty for wave 3.
Reduced the health for Captain Punch in wave 4.
Increased health for all tanks in wave 5.
Another name change because ferrous was taken.
Fixed robot_oxidize.pop not loading
Custom hatch model made by me
Custom explosion particle made by @Pdan4
Improved 3d skybox
b3 but with the actual map bsp and nav inside
Now Ferrous not Frostcharge

Added 3d skybox
reduced the strength of fog_fire (the red fog)
made the fog_outside thicker
Added snow particles
some small details overall
Fixed a spawnpoint that was inside a player brush.
Changed Fog setting slightly
Fixed tank spawn path for all the pop files included in the download.
Hopefully more optimized now.
Fixed some unsolid props to be solid.
Fixed bot path.
Clipped some ledges.
More details
Removed Extra Damage for Fire around the hatch area because it was preventing buildings from getting placed in the area.

Cleaned up visleaf.

removed nobuild that was directly on the hatch.

Made the useless deathpit inaccessible.

changed the fog transition


Added a custom bomb hatch model. It is currently not textured.
aesthetics as always

wrote a new original advanced mission with mvm.tf

packed custom contents because I think I left it out in a4a
The zip file now includes robot_frostcharge.pop