Oxidize rc18

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Map Changes:
- Added nobuilds
- Fixed some snow
- Fixed Hologram
- Fixed Nav

Mission Changes
- Removed Hole's mission
Moved Wave 5 to Wave 6
Added Wave 5
Wave 2: Removed Uber Medic from Barrage Soldier
Wave 3: Giants now spawn faster. Supports spawn faster

Edited Icons
Reduced initial currency from $1400 to $1000
Reduced overall currency by $500. Fixed Wave 4 giving less currency than it should have. Wave 4 currency increased from $700 to $1000
Wave 1: Removed Heavy Rush at the end
Wave 3: Increased number of Giants by 4. Barrage Soldier now has damage bonus
Wave 5: Changed Giant Buff Banner Soldier to Crit-boosted Giant Rapid Fire Demoman. Added Armored Uber Medic
Wave 6: Added boss bot at the end. Added Bonk Scout support. Overall balance changes.
Wave 7: Removed
No Map Changes

Mission Changes:
-Removed ColdfrontCrack
-Removed IcyIgnition
-Removed FactoryFight

Reason: The creator of these missions can submit these missions for Canteen Crusher after testing them independently.
Map Changes:
Added Details

Misssion Changes:
Map Changes:
Detail updated
Nav fixed

Mission Changes:
All Waves:
Reduced Uber duration to 5 seconds
Wave 2:
Giant soldier changed to Giant Demo
Giant Demo now spawns after all Barrage Soldiers are dead
Giant Soldier spawn time reduced to 30 seconds

Wave 3:
Shield pairs spawn slower now
Reduced blackbox soldier heal per hit
Changed giant soldier in shield pair to shotgun Heavy
Map Changes:
Added health and ammo to the shorter route
Added covers to the shorter route
Engi nests now change as the route changes
Reduced the size of the sniper spawn control trigger. Now snipers will spawn earlier on the bridge when players are being pushed back.

Mission Changes:
FrostedFurnace has been updated to Version 3.
Clickin did not keep the full change log so no change logs here. But I assume that the second half of the wave 6 got a completely reworked.

Fixed broken waves
Nerfed Wave 4 and 5 (longer spawn time for a lot of bots and less bots)
Reduced Captain Punch health to 12000. Health regen to 150
Reduced player respawn time to 5 seconds
Players now start with $1200
Version: b6_missionupdate1

Fixed robot_oxidize and snowyslaughter.
Map Changes:
General quality improvement.
Minor bug fixes
No Map Changes
Mission Changes:
Factoryfight is actually an advanced mission
Added ColdfrontCrack Made by Sergeant Crwhip
No map change
(but now it has proper map version inside it)

Mission changes:
ForstedFurnace by Clickin updated to version 2
(idk what the changelog is)
IcyIgnition (Advanced) by Sergeant Crwhip
FactoryFight (Intermediate) by Sergeant Crwhip