Oxidize rc18

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Fixed sentrybuster suiciding in certain situation

Removed the door for sniper spawn. No Door, No Stuck
Added sniper hints
Added missing icons
Removed clipping from a fence near bot spawn

Fixed sniper supports getting stuck in forward spawn.
Fixed collision
Fixed nodraw wall
Most likely the last update of this map.

Map Changes:
Changed the location of the sniper hint at the front.
Added "wave_start_relay_noreset_1b" and "wave_start_relay_noreset_2b"
These relays spawn bombs that don't reset. 1b spawns 1 bomb and 2b spawns 2 bombs.

Removed wave_start_relay_endurance as it was identical to wave_start_relay_1b.

No mission changes.
stairs clip
Fixed nav_avoids
Bots no longer take the greenhouse route.
Fixed several clipping errors.
Added lights on right route
Blocked the greenhouse route
Placed nav_avoid on the right of the hatch