Oxidize rc18

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rc8 Map Changes:

Adjusted the heights of the front

Fixed several clipping issues
Map changes:
Fixed demo knights charging into displacement walls in spawn
Improved clipping for many areas
Blocked off upgrade station
Fixed bots getting stuck in spawn
Analyzed Nav

Map changes:

Remade from scratch

New Theme: Kill the robots as you defend the secret Mannco Chemical plant disguised as a biodome!

Layout changes:

Upper bridge near front was removed as it was not useful and only added clutter to the layout.

When players are pushed back enough, sniper bots will now spawn from a room near upper balcony, giving them access to the highground overlooking the biodome

When bots are pushed back into the pit while the left (lime) route is selected, it will take a shortcut back into the main route. This allows robots to return to the main path around 10~20 seconds earlier depending on the speed of the bomb carrier.

High ground near hatch was removed as it was not providing useful advantage to the players. The side room now serves as extra route the player can take when the main ramp is too crowded.

The small path that existed on right is now connected to the upper room for better connectivity of the area.

Reworked mission_start relays.

wave_start_1b allows the wave to be run with 1 bomb.

wave_start_2b allows the wave to run with 2 bombs. relay_endure_route_change when triggered, will change the route the bots take, pause all wavespawns, reset the bomb, and stun all small bots for 20 seconds. The wave resumes after the 20 seconds timer.

Mission Changes:

Snowyslaughter (int)

Snowyslaughter was renamed to Biomebattle to fit the new theme of the map.

Snowyslaughter now uses wave_start_1b
Map Changes:
Robots are now stunned properly
Holograms now blink longer when changing route.
Map Changes:
Added relay_change_route. Not recommended to use for normal missions. Suitable for wave 666
Added other stuff
Map Changes:
Fixed some relays
Added more Detail

No Mission Changes
Map Changes:
Fixed relay_upgradestation_disable
Added relays
Fixed Projectile Penetration bug on holograms.

Mission Changes:
Removed 3 giant heavies & demos from wave 5.
Lowered the number of buff soldiers from wave 5.
Map Changes:
Fixed Holograms
Added Following Relays
Added nobuilds

Mission Changes:
Shield meds have Attribute IgnoreEnemies
Removed two squads of giant shotgun+shields from wave 3.
Removed giant buff soldiers from wave 4.
Removed final subwave from wave 5.
Replaced giant shield meds on wave 3,5,6 with regular shield meds.