Oxidize rc18

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Oxidize rc18

Robots hate Jungle being in Alpine

Entry for Canteen Crusher MvM Event
my second attempt on mvm.
mvm map set in a cold foundry at night. Feel the heat and cold at the same time!
A lot of height variations.
Previously known as frostcharge

List of Relays
wave_start_relay_1b: 1 bomb
wave_start_relay_2b: 2 bombs
wave_start_relay_noreset_1b: 1 bomb. No timer
wave_start_relay_noreset_2b: 2 bombs. No timer

List of Collaborator(s):
Pdan4 made an amazing custom explosion particle for this map! it has sparks and it has explosion. Fire as well. Good stuff (particle not included for versions past rc4)
Clickin made advanced mission for this map!
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. rc18

    Fixed sentrybuster suiciding in certain situation Added
  2. rc17

    rc17 Removed the door for sniper spawn. No Door, No Stuck Added sniper hints
  3. rc16_iconupdate

    Added missing icons

Latest reviews

Just a pretty fun MVM map. I think the back half of the map (the bombsite, a bit of the jungle indoor) is kinda lacking, but overall it's good. The theme is pretty unique as far as MVM maps go and it really stands out amongst the other high quality MVM maps.