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King of the Hill
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  1. Alpha 8

    I did not realize that the time to cap would be twice that of which I entered into the capture area's parameter field, meaning I had changed it from not 12 to 8 seconds but 24 to 16 previously. The capture time should now be 12 seconds. Reduced...
  2. Alpha 7

    Removed spawn entrances to flank route Flank route shortened to the buildings next to the control point and tunnel Wide side route now leads straight Non-team-colored walls are now white instead of gray to provide contrast Extended battlements to...
  3. Alpha 6

    Raised the main spawn doors onto a platform Moved spawnrooms forward Added a one-way shutter door to the spawns' flank route entrances Closed off connecting route from the buildings next to the control point/battlements to the flank route...