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  1. Little Skull Kid

    Courtyard 1.1

    Battle it out at late night in the inner courtyard of these two factories to control this rather important (trust me) satellite dish! A mirrored King of the Hill map, rather straightforward and small in length, but with lots of flank routes and industrial-sized vertical height. My first map...
  2. Robogineer

    Titian a2

    Overall goals are to blow up retain the original proportions of cp_orange_x3 while adding new and improved gameplay balances. Probably not balanced for 6s! Credits to White Wolf and GGODD2 for the og map designs
  3. ArtZ

    Overlook b1

    Overlook is a small king of the hill map with mirror symmetry, where two towers overlook the control point. I stopped working on this map almost a year ago, and only picked it up again recently. This is my first Team Fortress 2 map. It isn't good
  4. Digga | Foo Fort

    Grid Tower 1

    dm_grid_tower is a map where 2 teams will fight off in a never ending battle between two sides, the red grid, and the blue grid, all while in the middle stands the ultimate intimidating gridtower this map took 8 hours to make, 3 of those hours were exhuastion and pain, i am pretty sure i will...
  5. ham

    72bologna a1

    Made in 72 hours, with love.
  6. Brushwagg Connoisseur

    koth_sandtower (1st map) 1

    cool idea, crap at mapping
  7. Squidant

    TwofoldTowers 1.0

    While I've been experimenting with Hammer for a while now this is my first completed map project! The concept came from a joke during a Discord call that went a little like "What if there was a CTF map where the intel was at the top of two huge towers, that would suck" and it snowballed from...
  8. ethosaur

    Tower_of_power v4

    WELCOME... to the TOWER OF POWER... yet another weird TF2 map by me, made in an absolute stupor, in the past week, originally meant to upload on april fools, but missed deadline sadly. Anyway, the TOWER OF POWER! Its time to climb it, and witness... some strange things. This tower goes high...
  9. Cynder loves Portal

    gm_construct_cdlp_remix2 A6

    This is another GM_contruct remix. I have removed the original towers and replaced them with ones I've done. As from the A4 UPDATE: The CP's locations : *Walkway *Garage *Metal Tower Note: You need to capture the control point in the metal tower before moving onto the skyscraper. The...
  10. T

    koth_towertilt a1

    koth_towertilt has a raised tower control point, with two bases on apposing sides. you can exit said base through a gap the ceiling, the exit at the front, and a series of "pipes" that connect both bases. moving back is a courtyard with a solitary dead tree and a platform around it.
  11. P

    koth_western_alpha a1

    heya! this is my first map ever, so i would very much appreciate some feedback! thank you so much in advance. -pais This map is a King of the Hill map set in an old western plot of territory. The two teams must fight over control of the central point, and whoever holds control of that point for...
  12. Aapelikaeki

    Hayheights A10

    Hayheights is a Harvest-style king of the hill map where you fight over an overgrown generator that is the last hope for blue to get their blown-up base back to work.
  13. AliDances

    TickyTower 2018-02-04

    Vertical 5 control points map. Very close-quarters, fast-paced, and Action-PACKED. The tower is surrounded by a parking lot DEATHPIT, so beware of pyros. P.S. If you like stairs, then this is the map for you.
  14. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    Bumsite a2

    A Player Destruction map featuring a Capture Point that will recede into the ground and spring back out of it periodically. The name given is temporary and will be given a new (better) one as the map nears a more complete state (may or may not be used as another type of map later on). Already...
  15. The ProfesSIR

    koth_stone_tower b4

    The Mercs find a old stone tower that has been converted into a lightning harnessing facility, and fight for control. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Key Features: Lightning will randomly(but frequently) strike the lightning rods scattered around the map. Two main ways to enter the tower...
  16. Malavek

    KOTH_Maladex 1.0.0

    This map is based around quarries, this is a WIP map! any feedback is highly accepted!
  17. YoyoMann

    Ultiduo_RadioTower A1

    RED & BLU have taken a short break from fighting over gravel, instead, they thought ''Hmm, nobody looks at gravel anymore, but they do listen to things with their ears!'' and so now RED & BLU are fighting over who gets the only working radiotower in Teufort. But basically they just go back to...
  18. Clone5184

    Towerhouse A1

    What started as a map based on a dream, turned into this little koth map. Features: * Control Point on a "hill" (Tower) * A Train * Fun?
  19. parkingturtle

    watertower a1

    Two villages, one water tower. If you want water you need to control it but the other team won't let you do that. The plan is to conquer their whole village to be sure there's no resistance left. Now go, I start being thirsty talking.
  20. LinkyDooD

    2Fort RED Tower lighting glitch.

    Hi. I'm currently in the process of making a custom version of 2Fort, and i have this lighting glitch with the tower just above the RED sniper spot. I've tried everything using my knowledge of mapping and i can't seem to find a fix. I've attached some screenshots of the properties in Hammer...