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-previous update included .vmf by mistake
-Staircase on right-hand side of spawn has been added
-Staircase on the far-right side that was present in alpha reinstated
-Main vantage points over mid now have doors which close when the corresponding team control the point
-New route added to the right of the point
-Spawn-rooms completely rebuilt

-Massive reworking of func_detailing should improve performance greatly
-Further changed the cover on the forward holds next to point
-Moved the downstairs entrance to the central fighting area to be closer to point

-Added additional buildings to the surrounding areas, hiding the lower skybox completely
-Walls to the left of the ramps up to point have been opened up to allow fire in and out
-New route from battlements to the roof of the cabins added
-Additional health and ammo packs added to battlements

-Additional func_detail optimization
-Size and detail of skybox pared very much back
-Environmental details (road and pub) removed temporarily

-Scenic office & housing buildings reworked in line with new skybox shape
-Additional lighting added throughout
-Spawn rooms edited
-New route added to the very top floor, connecting each warehouse to the rooftop area with a battlement to stand in
-Spawn has been shifted further left to improve routing
-Flank routes have been changed; there is now a significant shortcut as well as an improved staircase up to the point (or rather, multiple staircases)
-General improvements to the number and colour of lights
-Significant optimization improvements made to the overall geometry
-Fixed a misplaced blue texture on the red rooftop
-Widened the doors leading from the battlements to the point
-Removed a set of sniper fences
Some Layout changes;
-Tunnel leading from the large staircase to the courtyard widened
-Stairs from lower floor to mid added to shorten travel time
-Top floor shrunk significantly
-Doors added to snug on the right-hand upper floors
-One-way door now replaced with open window

Visual changes
-Main Atrium sectioned using widowed wall with open window
-Doorframes added throughout
-Surrounding terrain added
-Skybox updated to Nightfall skybox

Lighting changes
-New lights added in new structures
-All white lighting has been replaced
-All exterior lighting is now in a selection of blue colours
-All interior lighting is a cream colour
-All nook & cranny lighting is in off-green color

Massive improvements in optimization
I've decided Topside is ready to be considered a map in Beta, the first map of mine to ever get this far!

-Spawn rooms have been completely rebuilt
-> Spawns are now smaller
-> Spawns are now further left than they are right to imply a main route to spawn
-> Spawns are now higher up than before, hopefully making it obvious that the spawning players can take a direct route up or a longer route down.

-Decoration has begun on the city around the buildings atop which we fight
-> The theme is guided by 1960s brutalist london architecture.
-> A block of flats has been added right of spawn
-> A flat-top pub has been added near the center
-> Future plans include a building sit left of spawn and several more skyscrapers to cover the (currently rather boxy) skybox

-Various new decorations have been added to the courtyard outside of the spawns

-Skybox texture has been updated
Much like A13 but with a few graphical fixes
This update re-arranges some staircases, arches, and other such entities around the main route to spawn.

An issue with a visible trigger brush blocking RED from using one of their spawn exits has also been fixed.

Some graphical and QoL fixes are still necessary but Topside appears to be approaching a Beta state.