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Koth_Topside B7

Two tall buildings connected by a bridge, fight to control the high ground!

Topside is a compact King Of The Hill map set at the top of two tall buildings.

Players spawn on the lower floor at the back of their own building and must proceed upstairs to the main combat area- the left door is the main route, whereas the right door leads quickly to a risky flank.

The upper floors provide a good mix of sightlines for snipers, nooks for engineers and spies, cover and open space to hopefully provide a fun multiclass experience.

Players must fight over the point, which is the bridge connecting the two buildings, in order to win. Be careful, though- it's easy to fall to your death!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. B7 update, for real this time

    -previous update included .vmf by mistake
  2. B7 update!

    -Staircase on right-hand side of spawn has been added -Staircase on the far-right side that was present in alpha reinstated -Main vantage points over mid now have doors which close when the corresponding team control the point -New route added to...
  3. A small update

    LAYOUT: -Further changed the cover on the forward holds next to point -Moved the downstairs entrance to the central fighting area to be closer to point VISUALS: -Added additional buildings to the surrounding areas, hiding the lower skybox completely

Latest reviews

I love playing pyro in this map, its so fun.