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  1. KatwithaKinit

    Blamo-Wamo a1

    Shazamo. Random name cuz idk. Hopefully good. Capture the Flag.
  2. Camel "Submarine" Wagg

    8fold a2b

    long story short i shoved an entire 8 control points in one map
  3. Francis_A2x

    koth_datahall_beta1 1

    this map is a King Of The Hill map took place inside a big computer server room in an office. playtest it and give me a feedback and i'll fix it after that i will decorate and polish the map.
  4. ItsOnlyMilky

    Koth_Topside B12B

    Note; currently listed images are of an old version of the map. New images pending. Topside is a compact King Of The Hill map set on the rooftop of an office building housing two rival companies- Topside Finest Beef (RED) and Topside Roofing Supplies (BLU). These two companies are fighting over...
  5. Micky Smouse

    koth_crossway a2

    Koth crossway is a map with a layout designed to be fast paced and dynamic. The spaces where imagined to favor a circular motion and allow for fun interactions (at least that's what I'm hopping for) The map is set between two fake factories created by each team to serve as a cover story while...
  6. iGraceTTG

    2Garage A3

    This is my first TF2 map I've ever done, so it's a little bit raw since I did it in 2 days. However, it's playable and you can jump up to the walls near the point.
  7. Loose Noose

    cp_aliendonut a1c

    Please leave any and all feedback!
  8. Diadomer

    ctf_speedcap A4

    Speedcap is quite linear and takes place indoors. The layout is mirrored, which means the spawn rooms are right next to each other. Unlike normal CTF, this map has a 10 minute timer. As the name suggests, this map is less deathmatchy and more objective oriented, with fast paced gameplay. (No...
  9. Le_Beholder[DG]

    KotH Fissioned rc6

    A King of the Hill symmetrical map set in a sterile Nucleus Fission Reactor facility.
  10. Lazy Developer

    koth_blockade rc4

    A simple and quite open king of the hill map. Designed in about 2-3 days (on and off). Initially started as a map to learn using displacements. This is only an early version, There are still many things I am not happy with. This map is intended to be played with smaller player numbers (For...
  11. Marina

    gd_dinamo a2

    Generator Defense Dinamo is a misc symetrical "3cp" map for the "Rule Of Threes" micro-contest Oh no! the teams are fighting over who can feed more energy into the giant rotating icosahedron!! Quick! take control over the main section of the facility to get acces to their generator, and blow...
  12. morzsiHUN

    humble base a13

    This is a work in progress small symmetrical koth map. The setting isn't decided yet, so if you have an idea write it down. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
  13. Whomobile

    Rum Run A1

    A silly idea I had for a Special Delivery map set in a distillery where you have to run away from a giant barrel of Rum.
  14. Vanilla Cake

    Electrotower a1

    My second map, probably too large/small and to be refined.
  15. Charlie 2

    Hardline Datacenter a1

    In This Gamemode You Must Capture A Middle Control Point And Hold It For 40 Seconds To Start A Mini Round Where You Have 2:30 To Capture 2 Enemy Control Points
  16. Orangepumpkin7

    Goldwater a13

    a rotationally symmetrical king of the hill map.
  17. [Comic]

    Gator Pit A1

    Welcome to the Gator Pit! A small dock town located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dangerous waters. While the town itself is worthless to just about any sane person, Saxton Hale has a strong liking towards it since it's the only place where he can buy crocodiles for Mercenary Park...
  18. Dweeby nerd.....thing

    cp_facility V3

    This is my first map, Im aware people probably get annoyed hearing that but oh well its the truth. The map, for now is very basic and simple, its a 3 capture points map similar in function to the likes of cp_badlands. The v2 is there as ive had a few friends play on the map already so I could...
  19. zythe_

    unnamedsnow a1

    [SCREENSHOTS COMMING SOON] Name is obviously temporary. I tried myself at something that i dont see often or have never seen tried before. If the gamemode itself is fun and works well ill upload the prefab for it.
  20. Goat

    Outpost 2019-11-19

    My first attempt at a TF2 map. This is an early version and I'm open to any criticism, please leave any suggestions if you can.