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  1. ItsOnlyMilky

    Koth_Topside B8

    Topside is a compact King Of The Hill map set at the top of two tall buildings. Players spawn on the lower floor at the back of their own building and must proceed upstairs to the main combat area- the left door is the main route, whereas the right door leads quickly to a risky flank. The...
  2. Princess Birchly

    MVM Encounter Overlays Version 1.0

    Check out MVM Encounter here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/encounter.13236/ Have you ever wanted to make a map that takes place in a Gray Mann base? No? Oh well, here's all of the signs I made for MVM's first reverse exclusive map, MVM Encounter. This pack contains: .BSP Logo (2 colours) x5...
  3. zythe_

    toxin a7a

  4. zythe_

    Multi Stage hoodiehoo s1_a1

    [this map will have 3 stages! only stage 1 currently exists!] the tag line is not joking, there is a brush outside the map that prevents the map from failing to compile that ive textured with a coconut. this map was designed after goldrush hoodoo and a little bit of dustbowl, but mostly hoodoo...
  5. Tianes

    Agent Gunn Shark V1.2

    Included is a model file for the shark (props_gunn/shark/shark.mdl) alongside 6 different textures, alternating from 3 colours, with or without stripes. This asset uses a similar skeleton & animationset as the Mercenary Park crocodile. Tianes - Models Blaholtzen - Textures & Concept Art
  6. zythe_

    trainwreck a1

    trainwreck is a payload map set at some kind of mining/storage facility. all the goods get delivered by train. Blu must destroy part of reds track so blu can send their train in instead of only reds!
  7. Monoko

    pd_overpass A2.1

    One of my first maps, this is a player destruction map with added CTF cases to add a new kind of objective to the map, as opposed to taking the objects to a point that comes and goes every so often. The themeing is meant to be a snowy night time sort of urban area with a focus on he mercs taking...
  8. youporkchop5

    Drillstation a7

    A very small King of the Hill map, set around a mining platform in a quarry! With a cliff and a drill that kill you, I assure you Pyros will love this map! It's designed to be small and have fast paced, quick gameplay and lots of deaths. Hopefully you'll enjoy, and give me all the feedback you...
  9. Sir_Metaladon

    Slag A3

    A more by-the-books KOTH with a more compact structure and a CP on a bridge over lava. Compacted Viaduct formula, where the first courtyard away from the point is technically spawn, but with the defending advantage heavily raised on your way there. (if you're attacking)