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  1. Fault in Maps

    cp_rushjob a6

    Made for June 2022 10 day Contest
  2. thysponge55

    cp_shichang_a1 2019-10-23

    - Rival power companies in down-town Hong-Kong send Mann Co's finest mercs to gain access to eachothers generator plants! - Hello TF2Maps!! This is my 3rd tf2 mapping project and by far the most time-consuming and biggest! I am only at version A1 so feedback is very appriciated and checked...
  3. Docteur Whoa

    Skyscraper RC1

    RED and BLU are fighting on the top of a Mann Co. building for the control of the Helipad. The map is set in an urban city, at night. So this is my first "real" map. After months of tries and retries and nights lost, I decided to share a small KOTH map made for my group to play on sometimes. I...