Koth_Shipment_Event B13

Halloween version of my own map, Koth_Shipment

  1. Sandwhip
    Halloween came early this year!...wait, late? Whatever.
    Spooky map time!
    (made for the Nightmare before Christmas 2017 community showcase)

    More or less meant as mapping practice, but i'm happy with how it's turned out so far.

    It's raining bosses, hallelujah!
    -A boss is randomly picked to enter play every so often. If monoculus/merasmus is spawned, the HHH has a chance to spawn alongside them.

    Rot in purgatory!
    -pretty standard, but it's nice

    Might and Magic!
    -I felt spells would distract from the gameplay of the map due to the small size, so they are only available to pickup in the underworld.

    -What halloween map would be complete without pumpkin bombs?!

    Who ya gonna call?
    -noone, because there's no ghosts here

    Neverending pit of death and despair!
    -now with 30% more ending

    Merasmus is bad at playing hide and seek, obviously out of practice.
    Merasmus has left the Bombinomicon in purgatory. This prevents it from giving players a bomb head, allowing crits on merasmus. To compensate, all players receive crits when he spawns, up until he leaves.
    Some lighting/clipping issues.
    Bosses will sometimes overstay their welcome.
    Monoculus will sometimes decide to adventure into the neverending pit.
    You can't see what spells you pick up.
    Occasionally multiples of the same boss will spawn. This can be avoided by disabling waiting for players before a match starts.


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