Koth_Shipment_Event RC1

Halloween version of my own map, Koth_Shipment

  1. Complete

    -Fixed several props not animating/appearing properly
    -Altered spawn rates of bosses
    -Improved the lava areas in the spawn courtyards (now actually sets you on fire!)
    -Enabled spell HUD (finally)
    -Ghosts now spawn on point capture
    -Additional effect for point capture
    -Added extra geometry for the spawn building
    -Added some extra props and moved others
    -Added/altered some additional geometry in out-of-play areas

    if you're wondering where "merasmus gets bored" has gone, that actually...
  2. Extras

    -Added map photos
    -Optimised map file
  3. Minor Changes

    -Some nav and lighting improvements
  4. Huge changes

    -Re-did most of the map, focusing on the point area.
    -Bosses now spawn at a fixed interval, rather than randomly.
    -Only one boss can be active at a time
    -Many lighting and clipping fixes (still some lighting improvements to come though)
    -Merasmus is still broken lol
    -Skybox renovated
    -Lava and underworth 'hurt' values adjusted to be fairer to the player