Cactus Canyon Redux RC1b

Back from the dead

  1. Suna
    This is a project I have been working on for some time, and i'm very happy to finally have a playable version.

    This is far from complete, so expect to see some jankiness and stuff generally looking unfinished, as well as some balance issues. But hey, what else is playtesting for?

    Here's the changelog:

    Map wide:
    • Artpassed the whole map
    • Combined Stage 1 and 2
    • Reduced initial BLU attacking time
    • Fixed several out-of-bounds exploits
    Stage 1:
    • Replaced small shack outside blue spawn with rock
    • Extended width of raised wooden area to the left of blue spawn
    • Re-added deathpit to main building outside of blue spawn
    • Added a route across the deathpit to the cliffside in the main building outside blue spawn
    • Added a small raised spot next to the stairs in the main building outside blue spawn
    • Raised the displacements leading up to the cliffside building after the cliffside dropdown
    • Removed the diagonal window overlook at A (replaced with non-diagonal window)
    • Replaced the buiding-based cover leading up to A with rocks
    • Added a propjump up to the window overlook at A
    • Extended the fence-cover behind A
    • Moved the health/ammo pickups from directly next to A to behind the fence-cover
    • Added a cave route to bypass the choke immediately after A
    • Removed the balcony overlook over A
    • Removed the open windows to B
    • Reworked the building route from A -> B
    • Added a Blue forward spawn for after they cap B
    • Added additional rock-based cover near B
    • Removed roof access near B
    • Time to leave red spawn reduced
    • Shifted the position of the right-side red spawn exit
    Stage 2:
    • Removed blue spawn
    • Converted the left flank out of blue spawn into a building that connects stage 1 and 2
    • Removed the ability to immediately access last from the first courtyard (replaced with new route)
    • Added an additional point near the train overpass
    • Added a blue forward spawn near the train overpass
    • Increased the frequency of the train coming into the map
    • Removed the middle train gate
    • Removed the deathpit and train bridge on the far end of the map (the one with the full healthkit)
    • Removed the small room overlooking last
    • Increased red respawn time
    • Removed the section of track where the cart moves through a shed on its own
    • Moved the second point into the main building
    • Removed the additional payload mechanics introduced when it enters the final stretch
    • Significantly reduced the thickness of the first choke
    • Added additional cover near last


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  1. Axzye
    Version: B4
    can confirm it contains cactuses and canyons
  2. Trooffe
    Version: B3A - fix

    valve was supposed to add 3 part of the map if i am not wrong...
    but well. they never completed
  3. Zeus3005
    Version: B1
    +rep has more than 1 cactus