koth_metropolis a5a

Competitive KOTH map taking place in 1970s New York City.

  1. Smaller gameplay changes and Improvements

    The Default Guy
    Version a5a:
    -Fixed a potential Sniper sightline from the Sniper balcony all the way to the back of batts.
    -Expanded the main buildings so that there is more space to fight inside.
    -Shrunk Sniper balcony a bit and moved the stairs forwards so that instead of it being 2 separate staircases, it's just 1.
    -Removed the Orange crates in the main building and made it so that players can just walk through the main building and the staircase that leads to the Sniper balcony.
    -Added some overlays for...
  2. Major gameplay changes

    The Default Guy
    Version a5:
    -Added a custom First Aid sign texture next to the resupply lockers at both spawns.
    -Lowered the right wall in batts.
    -Changed the flank route so that instead of it leading to the enemy's batts, it leads to point.
    -Removed the Flank balcony and the bridge connecting it to the Sniper balcony.
    -Lowered the point and changed the cover.
    -Raised the roof of the main building, sniper balcony, and batts.
    -Extended Sniper balcony forward to be in line with the wooden fence on the left...
  3. Improvements

    The Default Guy
    Version a4d:
    -Made the health and ammo packs be perfectly symmetrical on both team sides (they were previously rough approximations)
    -Changed the patch textures underneath the health and ammo packs to be 1 patch for each pack instead of 1 big patch that was under both packs.
    -Improved the lighting in the non-playable area next to the flank balcony and added a sign that says "Trespassers will be VIOLATED" because I find it REALLY funny.
    -Added some props for decoration.
    -Added subway trains...
  4. Fixes and improvements

    The Default Guy
    Version a4c:
    -Added some props for decoration.
    -Fixed a misaligned texture of a warning sign on a gate on the left side.
    -Added and changed some cubemaps.
    -Fixed some misaligned textures.
    -Added more nodraw textures on faces that aren't visible during normal gameplay.
    -Added custom texture of a subway system map to both spawns.
    -Improved the lighting in the sniper balcony and the staircase that leads to it.
    -Set the BrightnessHDR values of every light source to be the same as their...
  5. Aesthetic improvements

    The Default Guy
    Version a4b:
    -Improved lighting in the top-secret room.
    -Added Hint/Skip brushes for Optimization.
    -Fixed an issue regarding the right route from spawn to batts not being the same for both teams.
    -Fixed an issue regarding the BLU team logo on the left side not appearing.
    -Added env_cubemap entities.
    -Added a 3D Skybox.
    -Improved lighting in the subway stations.
  6. Some gameplay changes and aesthetic

    The Default Guy
    Version a4a:
    -Removed the 4 wooden fences at the ramps leading to the point. They made the path towards the point too claustrophobic.
    -Moved the Health and ammo packs in the main buildings to the left so that they aren't directly below the dropdown.
    -Added a custom Sniper PSA overlay in the sniper balconies.
    -Improved lighting in the right route from spawn to batts.
    -Improved lighting in the middle route from spawn to the main building.
    -Improved lighting on the second floor of the main...
  7. Aesthetics and improvements

    The Default Guy
    Version a4:
    -Textured both spawn rooms to make them look more like subway stations.
    -Textured the inside of the main buildings.
    -Textured the Arch above point, the left side, and the flank routes and flank balcony for both teams.
    -Changed the spawn doors from static props to dynamic props.
    -Added more nodraw textures on faces that aren't visible during normal gameplay.
    -Altered the blockbullets brush at the fences to the left of the shutters to be more accurate to the fence's geometry....
  8. Small yet important fix, not much else.

    The Default Guy
    Version a3d:
    -Fixed an issue in which it was possible to shoot through the metal fence outside of the shutter doors.
    -Added some props at spawns for decoration.
    -Added Areaportal entities at the train station exits at spawn for optimization.
  9. Fixes and optimization

    The Default Guy
    Version a3c:
    -Fixed a problem regarding an Areaportal window that was in the doorway on the bridge at the sniper balcony. It would unload the entire room when looking at it from a specific angle.
    -Fixed some custom overlays not rendering on the subway station signs at spawn.
    -Set fade distance for some props that didn't have them.
    -Changed some clip brushes so that nav meshes aren't created in non-playable areas.
    -Added exit signs above the doors at spawn.
    -Added more Hint/Skip Brushes for...
  10. Optimization Improvements

    The Default Guy
    -Remade most of the Hint/Skip brushes from scratch to greatly improve optimization.
    -Deleted unnecessary brushes that were used for decoration but weren't actually visible.
    -Added Areaportal entities for optimization.
    -Added props for decoration.
    -Added Team decals for decoration.
    -Added func_occluder brushes for optimization.
    -Changed the fence to the left of the main shutter from a brush to a displacement.
    -Replaced nodraw textures with dev textures on brush faces that can be seen during...