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The Default Guy
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King of the Hill

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  • york
    A KOTH map with too many balconies and windows.

Latest updates

  1. Major gameplay changes to mid

    Version a6: -Moved both spawns back to create more space outside of spawn. -Moved both sides so that there is more space on mid. -Added medium ammo and small health pack on the second floor of the main buildings. -Removed the flank route from the...
  2. Fixes and Improvements

    Version a5b: -Added a metal grate to the floor on the sniper balcony that lets players above safely see who is below and vice/versa. -Tweaked the stairs in the main building. -Added some overlays for decoration. -Fixed some misaligned light...
  3. Smaller gameplay changes and Improvements

    Version a5a: -Fixed a potential Sniper sightline from the Sniper balcony all the way to the back of batts. -Expanded the main buildings so that there is more space to fight inside. -Shrunk Sniper balcony a bit and moved the stairs forwards so...