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  1. Rerun

    Topper a1

    Diagonally symmetric Invade CTF map set in a city with a rocket test facility in it. Deliver the flag to the enemy team's base and ride the elevator to the top of their tree to win. Credits: Single-flag invasion prefab by Suna Special Delivery -Elevator (No Rocket) Gamemode prefab by Fault A...
  2. OctoBlitz

    Newsie a2

    A dual entry into the Territorial Domination and TFConnect contests! Newsie takes place at the Headquarters of the Teufort Times, the local newspaper chain has been floundering as of recent, however its reporting of the Gravel Wars has sent it skyrocketing in the sales charts, however giving...
  3. Markus_McCloud

    Graffiti (Alpha) Alpha 3a

    I came up with this map layout idea while bored as hell at work. The idea for the theming came about as one of ArraySeven's old discarded ideas: In my idea, I made it into a small Tug of War Payload map instead of a traditional one. And yeah, I know that choosing an unconventional gamemode...
  4. ham

    72bologna a1

    Made in 72 hours, with love.
  5. Sitrulus Melon

    Mannila A2A

    Mannila as the name says, it is set in the streets of Manila where BLU will try to takeover the entire area controlled by RED. both teams will fight in the scorching heat of the sun as the map is set in an intense afternoon. fights will either occur between or around the points offering a...
  6. PotatOS

    dm_Mannhattan A2

    Port of Mannhattan to Open Fortress, now as a deathmatch map "Long after dark and after the Robot war, a new brawl arises in the long abandoned manufacturing arm of Saxton Hale's boutique Mhankö line." List of Pickups and such Pickups x22 Pills x1 Small Healthkit x1 Medium Healthkit x1 Full...
  7. RetroNuva10

    koth_terminal B0

    RED and BLU fight over an underground metro station.
  8. Emil_Rusboi

    Disco Elysium Skybox v1

    Stylistically interesting painted skybox inspired by videogame Disco Elysium (hence the name) Sky_elysium_01
  9. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Shi a1b

    Push the Payload in this rainy urban city! Custom assets used: Rain with Collisions - Yrrzy Autumnal Signs - Berry
  10. Sitrulus Melon

    Tondo Beta 2

    RED and BLU both occupied the streets of Tondo, within the facade of normal urban buildings contains ominous secrets which are chemical and weapons facility where both team operate in for world domination. countless battles occurs in the dead of night, fighting over the petty town square of...
  11. ABpriceHI45

    Pervade - Stage 2 a5

    Stage 1 - https://tf2maps.net/downloads/pervade-stage-1.11666/ It is still set in a city. there's no vehicle hazard. and uuhhh, i kinda mixed Gorge and Dustbowl, anything could go wrong! feedbacks are appreciated so... LETS GOOOOO!!!
  12. LadyBug

    Multi Stage capitol a2b

    Fighting your way through a city. Collaborators : -Lecs
  13. Gothic Organist

    Small Renaissance Prop Pack V1

    Small prop pack of props I made as preparation of dec 2021's 72h mapping contest. Contains balcony door, 2 windows, stairs, arches, and 2 balcony variations. Both vary a little in width and the wide one has 2 skins: one with and one without red ammo pack patch texture. Please credit me if you...
  14. Engineer Gaming!

    koth_hoogus_swamp A3

    A urban and rural styled king of the hill map.
  15. Engineer Gaming!

    hoogus_swamp A3

    Two exits for spawns leading to a urban building which then presents the outside swamp area, with a control point to the left from red side, it has multiple pillars for rocket and sticky jumping along with an upper rock area for snipers.
  16. 14bit

    rd_14bit A4

    there's robots, and they're in london don't stand on the tracks, they are electrified also watch out for the trains
  17. Kiglirs

    Hiroba a6

    A koth map in night themed after a 70's or 80's Tokyo. This isn't my 1st try of a map, but i think that's the most developped attempt i've ever done.
  18. The Default Guy

    koth_metropolis a6

    WIP Koth_metropolis is a competitive Koth map taking place in 1970s New York City inspired by Cascade and Ashville.
  19. ABpriceHI45

    Pervade - Stage 1 a4

    stage 1 of pervade Urban Map in cp_gorge gorge and 'dustbowl' style, set somewhere in non-existent man(n)hattan area Custom Stuff Credits http://frontline.tf/pack.html https://tf2maps.net/threads/bulletcrops-content-pack.36675/ https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dusk-till-dawn-skyboxes.7608/...
  20. ABpriceHI45

    Multi Stage Pervade a4

    my 'attempted remake' to my old 2nd map, WOWw Multi-stage CP Map, cant explain but stage 1: A>B stage 2: A+B>C --------------------------------------------- Stage 1 inspired of cp_brooklynn https://tf2maps.net/threads/brooklynn.39119/ ------------------------------- Custom Stuff Credits...