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  1. Francis_A2x

    Cleaners a5

    Cleaners is an attack defense map took place in RED's construction building area
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tangier a1

    Urban Koth Map in Tangier
  3. KrazyZark

    72hr Jam 2023 Fishbowl Bus model (GM New look bus) V1

    A bus I originally made in 2019 and I have completely remade it from the ground up, all made in 72 hours of course.
  4. maddie!

    72hr Jam 2023 3CP Tenement 72H

    A frantic 3CP map set between two dilapidated tenements in New York. Possible balance concerns (feedback needed!) Mid to last choke sightline possibly too long Defenders may spawn too close to point Mid unlock might be too fast Point capture time may need to be adjusted Known Issues: Visible...
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Devastation b4

    The Mercs in their attempt to bypass a security checkpoint to the evacuation centre have ended up trapped in a flooded parking garage somewhere in a ravaged district of Kong King and unfortunately for them the Zombies had the same idea...
  6. Thunderous_NaN

    Block 1

    This is my first map
  7. Green-One

    dm_towner a1a

    Urban warfare! Duke it out in the middle of the city! Credits Heavy lifting sign model - Construction Pack Stencil overlay - Frontline Pack Grass and asphalt - ArsenaL Chairman - Rexy Gas station models and emotional support - Mister Sandman Assistance - Pigeon
  8. RedShift

    Soviet Fastback 2023-06-03

    Hello, mappers! Here's another model I made About: It's based on GAZ Pobeda 'Victory' Has a single color which fits any situation well 'pobeda01' in Hammer model browser By the way: DON'T STEAL
  9. Francis_A2x

    arena_iced 1a

    "Iced him!" an Arena map took place somewhere in New York where the mercs arrived at their destination to wipe out any remaining opponent in both territories while there's a snowstorm causing the gang war runs smoothly unbothered alongside with the construction barriers. once this map plays...
  10. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Downtown Smackdown Gameday!

    Banner made by the ever legendary Custard1! Hello, and welcome, to the Downtown Smackdown! In this Gameday, take the battle to the streets in these 10 city/town based maps and cause as much collateral damage as you can while kicking the tar out of your enemies! Place: eu.tf2maps.net:27015...
  11. Pigzit

    Multi Stage Coney a6b

    Collaborative effort between myself and Yacan1. CP_Coney is a 2 Stage 2CP map set on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Each stage is approximately as big as A/D Gorge, and travels the distance from historic Industry City to the Coney Island beaches and amusement parks. Custom assets in use...
  12. fiberbriver

    Badalley a2

    Home is where the heart is. And nothing gets the heart beating faster than a good old fashioned Boston street brawl. Bruises, the taste of blood, pure adrenaline, the rush is like a drug! When Scout heard the mission briefing, he was ecstatic, and not just to hear Pauling. No, this next mission...
  13. Francis_A2x

    koth_racket b11

    A king of the hill map took place in an alleyway between urban and industrial areas.
  14. Francis_A2x

    koth_backalley_beta1d 1

    a tf2 map took place in the alleyway, RED area is an alleyway took place in Little italy area and BLU area is an office building backyard and both teams must capture the storage and garage took place between both alleyways. This map is still going to be playtested, once playtested and reviewed...

    koth_subsystem A2.5

    Koth_Subsystem is a classic king of the hill metro themed map
  16. Rerun

    Topper a3a

    Diagonally symmetric Invade CTF map set in a city with a rocket test facility in it. Deliver the flag to the enemy team's base and boost yourself to the star of their tree to score. Make the other team's rocket launch and deliver a deadly payload of radiated snow to win. Credits: Single-flag...
  17. OctoBlitz

    Newsie a7

    A dual entry into the TFConnect and Territorial Domination contests! (Placed 7th and 10th respectively ) Newsie takes place at the Headquarters of the Teufort Times, the local newspaper chain has been floundering as of recent, however its reporting of the Gravel Wars has sent it skyrocketing in...
  18. Markus_McCloud

    Graffiti (Alpha) Alpha 3a

    I came up with this map layout idea while bored as hell at work. The idea for the theming came about as one of ArraySeven's old discarded ideas: In my idea, I made it into a small Tug of War Payload map instead of a traditional one. And yeah, I know that choosing an unconventional gamemode...
  19. ham

    72hr Jam 2022 72bologna a1

    Made in 72 hours, with love.
  20. Sitrulus Melon

    Mannila A3A

    Mannila as the name says, it is set in the streets of Manila where BLU will try to takeover the entire area controlled by RED. both teams will fight in the scorching heat of the sun as the map is set in an intense afternoon. fights will either occur between or around the points offering a...