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  1. Francis_A2x

    arena_iced 1a

    "Iced him!" an Arena map took place somewhere in New York where the mercs arrived at their destination to wipe out any remaining opponent in both territories while there's a snowstorm causing the gang war runs smoothly unbothered alongside with the construction barriers. once this map plays...
  2. Beepin


    *chanting continues* PLAY UBERHOT. BEAT UBERHOT. CONSUME UBERHOT. Uberhot is a Superhot-inspired parkour map featuring a lengthy (4-15 minutes depending on skill) route that traverses throughout so many different areas that I won't even bother listing them. Experience all permutations of route...
  3. spruce

    Metro A5

    (Insert plot about what the mercs are doing inside a subway shooting each other) Don't stand in the train's way, it'll run you over!
  4. The Default Guy

    koth_metropolis a6

    WIP Koth_metropolis is a competitive Koth map taking place in 1970s New York City inspired by Cascade and Ashville.
  5. MrFlovi

    ctf_subway ab1

    This is my second capture the flag map and yet again the goal is to create something fun to play, with some unique elements. Intel rooms beside one another and yet again a very dangerous mid section! (Don't worry, trains don't come every 20 seconds this time) Custom props I used: - Bonk Machine...
  6. That Guy In The Corner

    dr_badger_escape RC1

    About this map Starting in a locked room, RED players must escape through a series of traps, traversing the facility, dark mines, and finally the outdoors. Features: 9 triggered traps Environmental hazards Motivator (will also kill REDs who haven't picked an ending) Buttons that dont look...
  7. T

    koth_substation a1

    This map is based on a subway station, and will have the koth_king map style. please let me know what I should change that would be greatly apreciated.
  8. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Stationed b1

    Fight your way around a train station, while trying to capture the middle point. For the curious of you, try finding the hidden cow room for a bonus full healthpack and ammo pack. (Disclamer: You do not get any real world rewards, don't sue me)
  9. TheFluffycart

    WIP KoTH Stationed b1

    Have fun in a King of The Hill map based on a subway station. As of right now, it is in early beta, and ready to be textured. If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them and see what I can do!
  10. Arceus

    Terminal rc5

    Not even RED or BLU can escape the perils of delayed public transit this season, during the Summer of Hale. Since waiting for their arrival trains is simply too boring, help them fight for lounging and waiting territory on this map designed with inspiration from Grand Central Station of New...
  11. Moonfixer

    cp_torrential a2

    Hello everyone, This is my second map: cp_torrential. It represents my first attempt at the ATK/DEF game mode. I wanted to try something different here with a route under the point that can be used by players when not occupied by the train. I'm not sure how this will work out, but I was very...
  12. AlexCookie

    Subway B3

    SUBWAY Trade map that takes place in a NY subway station. Current state - Beta 3 Screenshots: Special thanks to: Frontline! team - for - Frontline! Asset pack iiboharz - for - TF2Maps Steam Workshop Resources
  13. AlexCookie

    Model I need subway car model for my map

    * Open->idle->close animation for doors * Walkable space inside Can someone do it? --------------------------------- Original model: models/props_urban/urban_subwaycar.mdl Sorry for bad English (._. )