koth_metropolis a5a

Competitive KOTH map taking place in 1970s New York City.

  1. Major gameplay changes

    The Default Guy
    Version a5:
    -Added a custom First Aid sign texture next to the resupply lockers at both spawns.
    -Lowered the right wall in batts.
    -Changed the flank route so that instead of it leading to the enemy's batts, it leads to point.
    -Removed the Flank balcony and the bridge connecting it to the Sniper balcony.
    -Lowered the point and changed the cover.
    -Raised the roof of the main building, sniper balcony, and batts.
    -Extended Sniper balcony forward to be in line with the wooden fence on the left side.
    -Moved health and ammo packs that were on point to different locations to better suit the new point layout.
    -Changed/Added Hint/Skip Brushes for optimization.
    -Changed Clip brushes.
    -Extended the wood fence on the left side to remove a potential sniper angle.
    -Added some overlays for decoration.
    -Added some props for decoration.
    -Added more nodraw textures on faces that aren't visible during normal gameplay.
    -Changed/Added Areaportal entities for optimization.
    -Added more skybox props to decorate the 3D skybox.
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