koth_highgravel a5

Small Map, Raised Point

  1. Owli
    Small map started without a plan in mind. Tried to think of every class playing it and seeing what to add for the class. the roof on the point is for demo to bank shot his pills off of it on point to get any sentries or scouts and general splash damage on point. Railing on the third floor stairs is to help snipers get up without being seen from the windows. And other general changes to make classes on the map more balanced to play on.


    1. KotH_BLU.jpg
    2. KotH_RED.jpg
    3. Coart_Yard_RED.jpg
    4. Coart_Yard_BLU.jpg
    5. Level_Overview.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Balance changes
  2. No more full health
  3. No more full health.