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Gravel Gate a8

Medium size Asian style map with gravel and a Massive gate

A map where industrial blu are trying to capture a horn from a Japanese village and the red are protecting it.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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  • Pipe Works
    Pipe Works
    small mirrored koth map centered around a big cylinder
  • cp_gravelbine
    4v4 3cp map inspired by turbine
  • koth_gravelpillar
    You fight around a pillar and gravel
  • Gravel Works
    Gravel Works
    with a lot of slopes, changing highground and water it's hard not get carried away rocket jumping
  • Gravel Ditch
    Gravel Ditch
    ever wanted a map so small you can trimp across it and kill some one respawning?

Latest updates

  1. Last Blast

    - Changes to Last * More cover * Point wall is facing defender spawn * Full Health Pack is no longer directly under the bridge - Changes to Second * Bathhouses roof is walkable * High ground slope to Bathhouse is shorter * Better cover...
  2. One more forward spawn.

    - the bridge now kills you; - signs added to warn you; - fixed the bridge solidity. - made the signs bigger in blue spawn so players know that a second exit exists. - made this room w i d e r. - trimmed the fat on this blue route to b...
  3. The New Last

    Can't remember most small changes, but a major change is the addition of a third capture point. Here are some screenshots: