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Gravel Gate a5a

Medium size Asian style map with gravel and a Massive gate

  1. Owli
    A map where industrial blu are trying to capture a horn from a Japanese village and the red are protecting it.


    1. 498esiuhef92.png
    2. 7893w4huigfd.png
    3. 489t2w8u12jklrf.png
    4. 457ut834f2.png
    5. 4578t36y32huio.png
    6. 8932h4huifgs.png
    7. 734ut9dmv.png
    8. 7839t6jfuxmsl.png
    9. 745uw93jfm.png
    10. 734yfhjxcnfie.png
    11. ioiwkjfui5ri34kf.png