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  1. E

    Ruckenschutz A1

    Ruckenschutz (German for Backline) is a King of The Hill map I map back in 2019 for me and my friends to play, I forgot about it during the A1 stage for a while as I started making my own game. Then a couple of months ago I learnt about the Frontline community update and decided I wanted to...
  2. Punn Ames Ardum

    Tomato Can (Microcontest) a1

    This is for the microcontest - mode shifter and a rework of a Special Delivery map I've had in the works. I've used this prefab for the player destruction rules and such; I hope you like it!
  3. SoulzBerry

    DevTech A2b

    My first map for Team Fortress 2. i do not have a certain theme for it and the name might change but i hope to improve it and get it to a really good point. there is one central space with a smaller zone that wraps around the entire map.
  4. Druid

    koth_druid_a5 a5

    A simple king of the khill map, paying homage to old school 2007 maps.
  5. Headit

    koth_skytop A2

    Okay so I don't really know what to put here cuz this map could be a numerous of things it could be a top buildings It could be by the dock it could be a lot of things
  6. V3rb

    Noobie question

    Hey, I'm currently learning the very basics of mapping, and I'm noticing that certain half life 2 props don't compile with the map. They show in Hammer but when I compile and run the map, there's nothing there. Is this something that can be easily fixed and if so how? To be clear I am using the...
  7. ProfileSniper

    The Newest Mapper On The Block

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my introduction! I'm going to make this brief but informational. I go by Profile, as my name suggests. I am a very new mapper, so forgive me for all of the mapping help threads you will all have to read. I am also making my first map at the time of me...
  8. Owli

    koth_highgravel a5

    Small map started without a plan in mind. Tried to think of every class playing it and seeing what to add for the class. the roof on the point is for demo to bank shot his pills off of it on point to get any sentries or scouts and general splash damage on point. Railing on the third floor stairs...
  9. Aravash

    koth_buses a2

    Hi everyone! :) koth_buses is my first map. After following crash's tutorial series on building TF2 maps in hammer, I got really fixated on the bus prop when looking through the props list. Something about it just... drew me in. So I took a swing at making a map where there are lots of them...
  10. T

    My Nodraw-texture is bugged

    So I'm new to mapping (i have started about a week ago) and I've encountered a visual bug on my map. Blu's No_Entry texture is being covered by the spawndoor, despite the door being behind it. Red's side is completely fine and I've already looked through the attributes and stuff. I've tried...
  11. Em__B

    My first time using Hammer (Open)

    First things first: Map Name - koth_eat_ash_a1 (Totally was called that the whole time) Project Type - Open Map Stage - Alpha Credit - I'd appreciate it :) I decided that I wanted to...
  12. samuelkeller64

    Dev Textures "On Grid"

    I'm new to to mapping and have played a few imps with the Steam group. One common comment I've seen is when maps aren't "on grid", which seems to refer to the dev textures not lining up with the lines provided (the 64x64 ones I assume). I've noticed that with my maps that I've been trying to...
  13. The Almighty Can

    Koth control point not enabling

    I'm in the process of making a map (new mapper) and its going well (its a koth map) , till i hit a road block. That being the Control point deciding that enabling was not in its best option. It had the voice lines for enabling, it just decided I'm not going to work. I've tried many tutorials on...
  14. K

    ctf_invade_a1 2019-08-06

    ctf_invade is a small-ish invasion ctf map. The goal of each team is to bring a neutral bomb to a death located at the other team's base. the catch? If the bomb is dropped and isn't picked up within 10 seconds, the bomb will become neutral and will stay at it's spot for 10 more seconds before...
  15. Azsimuth

    koth_DevHell V8

    A really wierd King of The Hill, that is just good enough to be playable. It has some visual glitches, about the name, i was feeling like im in hell while doing it, its a hot day, and don't forget WE ARE IN THE BEAM.Okay that last one was a joke! Have fun!
  16. Free TNT pilot (la viv)

    sup would like some help

    uh hi im super super new here so hi you know when you fall off upward or go to deep in the water and you die? well uh i would like to know how to do that thanks
  17. Emil_Rusboi

    [GUIDE] New mappers Fast Boot Camp

    Hello new mapper! Today I am going to teach you how to map, how to use our discord and give you some advices! Starting Part 1. Helpful things Before you start making your first map,here are a few tools that can make your mapping experience more simplistic: A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping...
  18. BackSun

    RS_Earthquake rc1

    Install Instructions: The download contains a README with full instructions, but here is the short version for singleplayer or LAN: 1. Add "+sv_allow_point_servercommand always" to your launch options, without the quotes. 2. Place the "_earthquake custom files.vpk" file into your custom...
  19. iDouglas

    Bots cause the map to crash.

    So I've been watching UEAKCrash's mapping tutorials and have made the little box map with KOTH logic. Everything works fine and I decided to throw some bots on and mess around in it. The problem is that, if a bot is on the winning team, when the team wins, TF2 just crashes without warning. Don't...
  20. valleyot

    koth_Greenwall august 21 2018 (image of map) This map was my first project ever in making tf2 maps. The project started on July 27 2018, and was "finished" main production July 31 2018. Although am still working on it and adding to it. I was inspired by this you tube series View...