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An indoor koth map by a complete newbie

  1. Star Bright
    So after watching UEAKCrash's tutorial videos (which are so incredibly helpful and useful by the way!) I caved and made a koth map, and now I'm posting it up to hopefully learn how much I did that was right / wrong (because yay learning!)
    I came up with an indoor area with a central point that has a roof and two towers on either side, although looking back on it now I'm not entirely sure why I stuck with the indoors theme but I still quite like it.
    I'm mostly just looking for lots of feedback since I don't really expect this to be "good"; despite my friends really enjoying it I'm sure I could improve on so much.
    Also, please tell me if the cubemaps are borked, they seem to love being incredibly finnicky on my end.

    So, here's some screenshots of various places, starting with the full top-down:
    Outside BLU spawn:
    20160401144150_1.jpg 20160401144155_1.jpg
    The "tower" on each side of the point:
    20160401144202_1.jpg The bottom side of the point: 20160401144325_1.jpg 20160401144331_1.jpg Where the vent in the last screen leads to:
    20160401144354_1.jpg And then, the point itself:
    20160401144414_1.jpg 20160401144424_1.jpg 20160401144429_1.jpg
    Hopefully I set everything up right, can anyone also let me know if I missed anything? ^^


    1. 20160401144229_1.jpg
    2. 20160401144449_1.jpg

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